Blockchain synchronizing problem


Hi, I downloaded the wallet and blockchain, started wallet it starts to synchronize
and gets stuck up at block 1816773 it does not move any further. Restarted wallet it is still stuck at 1816773. Peers connected 9.


  • Call

    Hello, I think it would be much more interesting .. if someone one of the administrators created a folder with the data of blockchain updated because it has 3 weeks that I try to update and still I asked for another 105 weeks to finish. I think it is not worth waiting so long .. more 4 people my friends are with same problem .. please .. I already searched in several forums I did not find anything to solve this problem.

  • tomi1988

    You can download the blockchain here

    Unzip the file and place the contents here: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Bytecent.

    blockchain until 26/05/2018 until 22:45. Weight after unpacking 1.19 GB

    Greetings from Poland :-)

  • emsatterlund

    Is there a fix for syncing the blockchain? Otherwise this might be caught up by the end of this week.

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