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New holder.
1. According to BYC site, it says AvantQuest is using our platform for their new rewards program AQ Rewards. Does this mean that their partners (such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy) will be or are already using our platform?

  1. Is the BYC card technology patented? If so, what are the odds it can be licensed to increase coin value?

  2. BYC Bounty and FreeBYC links on site are unavailbable, whats the deal with that?


  • Christopher
    edited January 27
    1. Avanquest has nothing to do with Amazon, Best Buy...etc.
    2. AQ Rewards was a test program to see how our platform would work in real world conditions. We are working on two new apps for Avanquest and they will be launching soon.
    3. No, the Bytecent card is not patented.
    4. We are about to launch a new website and broken links will be removed.
  • Dejavu787

    Thank you for the swift response. I regards to AQ, I was just going by what's displayed here..

  • Christopher

    That is to become a reseller of their physical software products.

  • value

    Hello Bytecent team, what's about the bytecent bounty project? i download the app but it's seems that the links are broken.

    Very interested app. I think it's very useful to have a kind of lab to test apps.

    What's about the new developpemt.

  • vanbasten

    When Avanquest Apps are ready? thank you

  • Clem01250

    Hello. Sorry i don t speak fluently but i have a question. If AQ reward was just a test, the new App who will be test is bigger than AQ rewards ? Is it only reward To test news App or more? Can you explain in few lines ?
    Thank you for your come back

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