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Hi Christopher,

I have been doing some marketing of Bytecent on Reddit, Steemit and several different discord channels. One complaint I'm getting is that our Facebook, Twitter and SubReddit account are all dead. People are afraid to invest in something that "seems" dead to them. I'm telling them that they need to go to this forum to find the latest news. I'm going to post a couple of links in here, so you yourself can read people's concerns about Bytecent. I know you are busy and probably don't have a lot of time to market, but just a little would go a long way. I see that you are very active on your personal twitter account, and I think if we could have just a little activity on the Bytecent twitter, I think it would be a great boost to investor's confidence. I'm doing all I can and will continue to promote Bytecent every chance I get!


  • Christopher

    Hi Donnie,

    I appreciate the suggestions. Twitter is a magnet for crypto FUD, and I am not interested in artificially pumping the value of Bytecent. My focus is not marketing to crypto investors right now, my focus is partnerships with other companies that understand and can utilize our platform. My focus is making sure our tech can handle whatever we throw at it. Many projects use a lot of hype, but at the end of the day they have very little real world uses. And those that do, the tech doesn't live up to the hype. So what might seem dead or stale to a random crypto investor, is not to a company excited about what we are doing. Avanquest will launch their two new apps in a few weeks, and our other partners will announce their partnerships with us when they are ready. I used to tell the community all the time that Bytecent is not a day traders coin with a bunch of hype. It is a coin that you buy and hold, and over time the value will increase.


  • wedge

    I totally agree with and support your position on that.
    This is what differentiate investing and trading for me, it's about something with a real value and potential growth rather than only the financial, money aspect.

  • willianmelo

    Hello, I am from Brazil and we are following the development of Bytecent. Good afternoon, and good work!

  • Donnie

    I completely understand and respect your decision to focus more on developing a quality product than to hype an empty coin. In fact, that's one of the main reasons why I decided to cast my lot with BYC is because I felt really good about the direction of the development of this coin. There are other coins on Bittrex such as UNB, LGD, CPC and INFX with the same or even lower market cap than BYC that I looked into but none of those coins gave me the confidence to invest in them like Bytecent does. We are definitely on the same page there.
    I'm just not sure that some marketing along with heavy emphasis on development are mutually exclusive. In fact, I feel like because you DO have such a great coin that it makes compete sense to market it because once people do a little research they will undoubtedly see the potential and how superior BYC is to other coins as that is exactly what happened with me. To market just a hype and hope coin, as I like to call them, is empty marketing that serves only as a purpose to artificially pump up a coin's value, as you made mention of. But I feel to market a coin that has actual substance is smart and practical because we actually have something worth marketing which is why I've taken the time to try to spread the word about this coin. I'm not ashamed of my belief in Bytecent, and it feels good to market a coin with substance instead of just a coin full of hype and hope like so many others are doing!
    I just think a Twitter update once and awhile like when you have a big announcement about a new website, wallet, partnership, new BYC forum and etc. could only help Bytecent's cause. But obviously, this is your coin and you are the developer, and I know you have more invested in it than I do, so obviously you want it to succeed more than anyone else. I'll respect your decision and keep doing all I can to be an asset to this community!


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