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I'm considering investing BYC but I'm afraid of low volume on Bittrex. It doesn't exist on another exchange so this is very important issue. For example, what if bittrex delists BYC because of low volume? There will be no exhange site having BYC so price drops extremely hard.

Is this a problem for you guys? Or, am I the only one who care about this volume problem? :)



  • Christopher

    Bytecent has been on Bittrex since 2014, it will not be delisted. Also, the volume has always been sporadic. Bytecent was on other exchanges and they eventually closed. That being said, we are look at having it listed on another exchanges.

  • mstfimi

    Bittrex says the reason is low volume for delisted coins. If Bittrex delists, it will be harmful, clearly. I hope it will not happen and listed on another exchanges.

  • Donnie

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but to be delisted from Bittrex wouldn't your volume have to be less than .5 BTC over a several day span? Wouldn't that be around $6,000 at the price of BTC stands today? Seeing that BYC just traded around $600,000 volume the last 24 hours how can BYC even be close to delisting?? I may be wrong since I am a newbie to cryptocurrency, but this is the way I understand it. Someone feel free to correct me, if my figures are off, or if I am misunderstanding something, but I can't see how BYC is even remotely close to being in danger of delisting.

  • Christopher
    edited January 19

    Hi Donnie,

    Correct. Last month we did a few million in volume, and this month it is higher. There is no reason for Bittrex to delist Bytecent.


  • Pryx

    How can i buy BYC without going on Bittrex, I cant open an account on Bittrex, i do have ether.
    Thx for the answer.

  • mstfimi

    @Donnie thanks for your comment. Here is Bittrex policy about delisting:

    Bittrex reserves the right to keep or remove any market from its exchange.

    Markets which are more eligible for removal include but are not limited to:

    Markets with less than 0.5 BTC (or equivalent) of average daily volume over a 7 day period and have been on Bittrex for 4 weeks or more.
    Markets that consistency dip below the minimum volume requirement.
    Markets with 0 daily volume.
    Markets with low liquidity. Less that 15 BTC on the Buy side of the order book for Bitcoin markets.
    Coins with no developer support or public developments.
    Coins without working blockchains.
    Coins which do not adhere to their target block times.
    Coins with weak blockchain security. e.g. Low hash rates which can be exploited.
    Coins which violate our policies.
    Coins which have compliance issues.

    If a market is removed, you will have 14 days to remove your coins from our wallets.

    So, there can be many reason for this. Especially, these ones may be critical:

    "Markets that consistency dip below the minimum volume requirement."
    "Markets with low liquidity. Less that 15 BTC on the Buy side of the order book for Bitcoin markets."

  • Christopher

    As I stated before, Bytecent is not getting delisted.

  • vanbasten

    "Markets with low liquidity. Less that 15 BTC on the Buy side of the order book for Bitcoin markets."
    now we have 3.74 BTC on the Buy side.

  • mstfimi

    I said but they ignore me, I hope it will not be delisted, but not sure. It's already %50 price @BTC from I buy :)

  • Christopher

    For the 100th time, we are not going to be delisted.

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