GREAT Potential for BYC


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know how excited I am to have found BYC!! With it's low market cap and GREAT dev the sky truly is the limit for this coin! I took the time to read through All 85 pages on bitcoin talk and it convinced me to sell out of XLM and put everything in BYC. All we need to do as the community is to promote this coin, and I truly believe it will go very far. Chris is very busy working on forums, websites, wallets, and projects, so we can't expect him to do it all. I'm thankful someone started a Discord channel for BYC and now we need to let others in on the secret of BYC on Steemit and other various discussion boards/platforms. I've told all my family about BYC and am trying to spread the word to anyone who will listen lol. For this coin to already be partnered up with Claranova in France speaks volumes! Chris is certainly doing his part and now we as the fledgling community need to do ours! Let's get out there and market BYC every chance we get!!


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