Yahoo DFS Select Week 6: NFL DFS Guidelines for Daily GPP Tournaments

Last week saw another brutal week with Saquon Barkley (knee) and Clyde Edwards-Helaire (knee) leading the list of well-known names who are being forced to stay out of the race. And at best, this week is a first. Injuries often open the door to savings in everyday football, but we leave Devontae Booker and Darrel Williams in our 6 Week Yahoo DFS team this week despite an increase in usage.

In addition to the Falcons, Saints, Jets, and the approaching 49ers, the Buccaneers, Eagles, Jaguars, Dolphins, Seahawks, Steelers, Bills, and Titans are in the playoffs, which reduces the player’s pool.

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Rider

Before we go any further, just remind us of some of the important rules of Yahoo DFS. It’s the same with FanDuel, and more than four TDs and Half PPR.

Quarterback | Running backwards | Great receiver | End at the end | D / ST | Rider

Yahoo DFS Select Week 6: NFL DFS GPP competition format

Great Week Sunday, $ 200 budget, no more than six players on the same team.

WEEK 6 DFS: Very good colors | Very good manners | Construction Line

  • Mahomes (and the Kings) fought two games before returning to 32.7 in Week 4. Washington’s defense that was not announced at the start of the season.

  • 2-3 weeks was silent for Taylor, but it made him feel his presence in his last two games, counting 24.7 games on the same. As a 10-point precaution against the Texans, these matchup form a program for the Colts. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Marlon Mack and / or Nyheim Hines get a job if the game goes on as expected, but another big release for Taylor should also be on the cards.

  • Swift will not be disappointed with Jamaal Williams’ presence to play a major role, but he is leading the Lions for his outstanding performances in past games. Swift has exchanged 20 additional games plus non-stop games in five games, but for games where the Lions have to stay afloat, Swift has to see the important task of connecting lucrative games together.

  • It’s just five games in Chase NFL career, and it’s already making the fighters look unhappy. The danger – or drunkenness, – is that they just keep looking up. Follow the Bengal movement in targets, yards, and touchdowns. He is second in line at 23 (23) and holds 65.7% of the target while counting an impressive 19.8 pass rate at reception. The price is too high to get into our ranks soon, but we can harvest what they sow for a week.

  • There was concern over how Cooper’s Week 5 was used after he shook his head. He played 73% of the game, however, and should be well on his way to compete against the Pats on Sunday. Dak Prescott has spread the word since he looked at Cooper’s approach 17 times in Week 1. Cooper was only suspended three times in four straight games, but could be called up to play a bigger role this week against a defense he could choose to remove the CeeDee Lamb or Cowboys bottom game.

    If you’re worried that Cooper is the target that Bill Belichick decides to eliminate, Courtland Sutton for $ 20 is a key factor against the Raiders. Vegas sports books opened the show with a margin of 44.5, but the split teams – especially among the teams that may not be as good as the media coverage – could be out (in a good way).

  • The charge did not complete the closing of the error, and Bill Belichick’s shot of the Texans ’1st clear choice was as reliable as the rising of the sun. Rookie quarterback Davis Mills loved his best game as a pro (21-of-29, 312 yards, three touchdowns) last week, and he should be free to direct Cooks in any way you want.

  • The only thing that kept Andrews from looking solid in the end was the lack of touchdowns, but he scored the first two Monday nights. We wouldn’t expect to have the limited ownership that Andrews probably acquired exploded for Week 5, but we’ll just walk with him here. The interaction of the Ravens and Chargers should encourage them to continue the offensive.

  • We do not know exactly what the Raiders’ mistakes will look like after Jon Gruden, but we do not expect them to change suddenly. Jacobs struggled in the performance department, but still leads the team despite missing Week 2. The most encouraging is the five goals he has scored in the last two games. If the frustrated director and new singer Greg Olson is generous with what Jacobs does in the game, we can see that his stock is starting to rise soon.

  • The Giants may be without Saquon Barkley (up to four) top scorers. Without mentioning, Daniel Jones should continue the discussion before Sunday. Although Sterling Shepard and / or Darius Slayton have returned from a stomach injury, it is reasonable to expect that they will need time to clear the rust. Either way, the Rams will have a great game.

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