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It takes a lot of frustration with Whoopi Goldberg, who has just responded to a controversy that Barbara Corcoran’s recent ‘The View’ guest dug.

Water on the floor See? Shark Tank recipient Barbara Corcoran, 72, wrote the headline after interrupting a comment about the recipient Whoopi Goldbergits weight – but it turned out that there was not much drama as one might think. Although the audience was not impressed by Barbara’s jokes, her fellow Paltiopi revealed that she did not really care.

Whoopi realized he wasn’t ashamed of the comments and seemed to still not remember what happened when he spoke to her TMZ Monday, October 11. “Barbara is always funny and amazing,” said Whoopi as she left the ABC studio in New York City, “She’s who she is and no… it takes a lot to upset me.” The 65-year-old went on to say that she had known Barbara “for a long time,” about “25 years,” and that she was no longer able to accept her partner for a long time.

Whoopi Goldberg’s presenter does ‘The View.’ (Jenny Anderson / ABC)

The affiliates are Shark Tank the judges were discussing a businessman at a real show who made new jeans – two of which Whoopi admitted he wanted to try. “Do they agree on this?” Whoopi is evasive. “If he has enough two COVID buttons, we’ll be fine!” Barbara stepped in with a joke that made Whoopi rich. “When you’re done with those jeans and I decide you don’t like them, give them to me. I make two! ”He said.

After observers argued, Barbara posted a video changing their preferences to resolve the conflict. “Whoopi’s Love,” Barbara wrote a video on Twitter. “I just came back from See and I saw my old friend Whoopi. As you know, he has a sense of humor and I have known Whoopi for many years, ”the TV presenter began. “I made a joke about Whoopi’s payment, which I now find not funny. To anyone I may have unwittingly offended, I just want to apologize. ”

Under the tweet, Whoopi too he replied, I wrote, “Barbara we’ve been friends forever and I know your jokes, I know you’re kidding.” Looks like Whoopi is ready to give it all up and not take it personally!

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