What to expect from Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ event on October 18th

, Apple will celebrate its second fall and possibly its last this year. The invitations that the company has sent this time do not provide information on the announcements we should expect, but because of the various reports and reports, we have a good idea of ​​what to show.

MacBook Pro

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All signs point to the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that are leading the way. Apple would have resumed its time on a well-run laptop, and revised a number of features that have defined the line since late 2016. it can be returned to the table, as well as the HDMI port and SD component. Oh, and Touch Bar seems to be taking the ax, it’s an essential OLED replacement device.

Following these changes, the new MacBook Pro is expected to have fewer bezels. According to display expert Ross Young, it can come with a small LED app that can refresh its form at 120Hz. Ross suggests that it is something that all brands can include, but knowing Apple, it could be something that is only available on a 16-inch high-end model or augmented accessory. In addition, there have been 14- and 16-inch color reports supporting 3,024 x 1,964 and 3,456 x 2,224 high-resolution views, which could be significantly different than 13- and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

In the middle, the MacBook Pro would have Apple’s system-on-chip, a new one called the M1X. According to a recent report from , there will be two versions of the M1X, where there is a big difference between the two coming up to the viewers they have. In addition to delivering services faster than the M1, the new chip can come with support up to 32GB of RAM, making it ideal for downloading and editing videos.

As for the M1X, it could be linked to other announcements that Apple had planned on October 18. In August, Gurman said Apple was working on a major overhaul. which includes a new processor and the addition of other ports. At the time, he said the desktop was set up sometime “for the next few months.” Recent reports indicate that the new Mac mini is not a guarantee next week, but Apple may still surprise us. We know from Gurman and researcher Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple is also working on a redesigned MacBook Air, but the company says it will not announce the device. until sometime next year.

MacOS Monterey

MacOS Monterey Facetime Shareplay


Since the timing of the event and the focus on Mac devices, Apple has announced the release date . The company also unveiled the next version of its desktop at WWDC 2021, showing how it works. and has made it to the extras he has introduced in 2020. We are lucky last summer and I found it to be a subtle change for Apple’s desktop. However, visiting Mac fans will be happy to know when they can download the app.

Everything else

We can also see the company announcing a new AirPod set to change here . Apple has not changed its original wireless ears since 2019 when it released minor tweaks that add fraudulent support. Take a page from , the new type is expected to have a new design that has short stems, but does not include additional features such as the ANC. Leading up to the event next week, we’ve seen visuals of the third generation of both AirPods . As a result it is unclear how Apple plans to follow the design of AirPods Pro.

Note that AirPods have not been as frequent on Apple’s electronic devices. Outside of where it revealed earphones in 2016, Apple has announced all of the following models, including and , through the media. We can see that the company is doing the same thing here with a brand new “brand”. The last thing the company can mention at the event is that Apple Music is coming to . Since you can already reach , does not jump on the bandwagon.

The reason you have it, is everything we see Apple sharing on October 18. As always, the company may surprise us, why you need to visit Engadget on the day of the event. We will have more information on the latest corporate announcements.

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