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Kayla’s dream of a non-drama about life was interrupted in the October 12 episode of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’, in which the former said he could become Izaiah’s father.

Kayla Sesslerold friend, Ryan, suddenly emerged during August 12 part of Young Women: Adolescents & Pregnancy, when he revealed that he could be the father of Isaiah. She and Kayla had sex the same month when she became pregnant with Izaiah, but for some reason, she didn’t think Ryan was Izaiah’s father. He always just thinks Stephan Alexander he was the father of Isaiah.

However, after Kayla showed her mother a picture of Ryan, her mother said Izaiah looked good e.g. Ryan. Then, Kayla’s mother asked him how he could LukeI have been using this, ever since he was preparing to imitate Izaiah, Kayla seems to be saying that she hasn’t told him yet because it happened before they met. Um what ?! Kayla’s mother explained that Luke needed to know – especially since Kayla said Luke would be a “bonus father” to Isaiah if Ryan was really the baby’s father. Poor Luke.

In the end, Kayla had not yet met Ryan, but she told them she could meet to discuss DNA tests.

Among other things Young Women: Adolescents & Pregnancy story: Rachel Beavers‘The constant fighting with her mother intensified, as their recent quarrel led to Rachel leaving her mother’s house. Kiaya he tried to be a peacemaker between his mother and Carla; with serious consequences. @Alirezatalischioriginal he hired two jobs to make a lot of money, but he bombarded both interviews. Finally, Kayla J. with an old friend, Wrong, fought a battle to get their daughter to school and back, which made her doubt that it could be a time of separation.

Want another play? New sections a Young Women: Adolescents & Pregnancy Tuesday Tuesday at 9 a.m. on MTV.

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