Waze and Headspace Launch Smart Games

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Waze and Headspace want you to start driving responsibly.
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Driving a car can be irritating. When most people come back enter the starting point, a popular platform program Waze is associated with a meditation program Rear view to help you set the hellfire when you are on the road. Or that’s the goal.

New Headspace information on Waze was designed to help “drivers learn how to be happy and meaningful on the road.” It also incorporates a new theme with custom tracks from caring instructors and selects five categories: Awareness, Light, Hope, Happiness, and Openness. And if you can’t see the belly of your car as a car photo on the app, you can replace it with a hot balloon. Probably the most inspiring.

The concept of “smart driving” is not a new concept. It is similar with eating well and exercising. Careful driving can help you to stay focused and avoid being distracted by what is being shown on the radio. It can help you to be more aware of other driving factors, too, such as the difference between cars and if the person on your right seems to be able to turn the curve.

If you want to get a glimpse of how careful driving sounds, Waze and Headspace have published a file for Spotify playlist that you can sing to hear the app. I just walked fast, and it seems to be a walk around with a Headspace concept centered. If you like what you hear, you can launch Headspace on Waze from your smartphone via Nov. 1 by clicking on the “My Waze” menu.

Photo taken from Waze

Waze will help you to “start your experience” in the mobile app as soon as it becomes available.
Figure: Waze

I’m a California driver, which means I usually come home from a trip and need a minute before I get involved in politics.. I have tried playing lo-fi and chill hop playlists to reduce my road angst but maybe I’ve been able to fall asleep to drive a car or change the rest of the race to a much stronger one to help me reach the same level as other wild drivers on the road.

Tthey think that driving a car can be repetitive as, say, the meditative part of yoga does not make sense at all to those who have it. Daily journey through hours. It is already a habit for us to go through the motions in order to demonstrate the work every day physically. Add bumper-to-bumper traffic, that is careless, walker you will definitely want to listen to podcasts or fake music to give that time more than a contemplative list.

This agreement it seems Waze’s self-establishing approach as a one-on-one solution while helping Headspace expand its offerings. But as a daily traveler in the San Francisco Bay Area, located on the seventhth in the form of worst cars, I would say nothing exciting or reassuring about being on the road for hours at a time. I have no idea that even Headspace can help me there.

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