Watch Jen Psaki Lower His Hand Wings About Joe Biden

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has shut down a New York Post reporter who tried to spread the lie that President Biden is tax-indebted.


A New York Post reporter tried to inject a false and nonsensical report circulating in the media that President Biden owed $ 500,000 in taxes. After allowing the reporter to start talking for about a minute, Psaki cut him off and said he thought he knew where this was going. A correspondent said the issue had been changed, Biden had been taxing for decades, and he was gone.

Jen Psaki showed how to deal with mistakes.

The false claim that Biden can pay taxes is important because Donald Trump could owe hundreds of millions to the IRS and is under constant scrutiny for tax fraud.

There is no evidence that President Biden avoided tax evasion.


Freedom is trying to tarnish the water to make Trump and Biden look the same in front of voters. This was the most successful method that Republicans used in 2016.

Jen Psaki showed how to deal with mistakes. He closed, and straightened up, and moved on. The Press Secretary at the White House did not respond to a legitimate question on his involvement in the case.

Psaki does not allow the right to spend a brief amount of time every day in the White House to force attempts to deceive Biden and promote Trump.

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