Walgreens Closing Shops In Democrat-Run San Francisco Rise From ‘Commercial Crime Crime’

Walgreens has announced the closure of five shopping malls in San Francisco for a rise in “systemic crime” in Dedicated to democracy the city.

Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso made to announce Tuesday.

“Organized crime continues to be a problem for street vendors throughout San Francisco, and we have the same problem,” Caruso said.

He added, “The theft of our retail outlets in San Francisco has continued to increase in the last few months by more than five times our distribution.”

The increase in systematic theft and subsequent closures comes even though Walgreens, according to Caruso, “increased our spending by defending ourselves in stores around the city to four times that amount.”

It takes about 46 times to fight off arguments against left-handed cases.

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Walgreens Shutters Most Stores In San Francisco

Walgreens is said to have closed the deal ten stores in the city since 2019, including one that was losing about $ 1,000 / day due to theft.

Ahsha Safai, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, said the recent closure was “ destructive ” and would leave a lasting impression on the public.

“These Walgreens are less than one mile from seven schools and have been supporting the elderly, families and children for many years,” he tweeted. “This closure will have a significant impact on the region.”

A video shown during the summer shows the theft of San Francisco Walgreens dealers in operation.

“In June, a man with a hidden face was caught on video at Walgreens, putting things in a garbage bag before leaving the store with a bicycle,” the Associated Press reported.

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Wing Utopia Left

There are a number of reasons why systematic theft is on the left wing of San Francisco, California.

Proposition 47, submitted to Golden State in 2014, reduced all charges to a minimum, including theft if the theft did not exceed $ 950.

San Francisco State Attorney Chesa Boudin, meanwhile, has been described by a Heritage Foundation as a “prosecutor.”

As such, its integrated mechanisms include “refusal to prosecute serious offenses” as well as “the abuse of power by their offices without due process.”

“There’s a lot of serious crime in San Francisco, and I believe the perpetrators should be held accountable,” Boudin said.

“But it should be done in a lesser way than in the future.”

In 2019, Walgreens banned carrying guns in their shops.

Some retailers are experiencing the effects of systemic theft in San Francisco as well.

The politician announced summer that he was cutting sales hours in the city to deal with the increase in shoplifting.

“With the safety of our guests, members of our teams, and our communities as paramount, we have temporarily reduced our working hours in six San Francisco stores,” the spokesman said in July.

“For the past month, we have been experiencing a huge and dangerous rise in our businesses in San Francisco, similar to reports from other retailers in the region,” Target said.

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