Undertaker praises “Wicked Bunny” in a very strange way

Author Undertaker he believes Badny Bunny set the bar “very high” for non-fighters who want to appear in the WWE.

A lifelong WWE fan, the rapper teamed up with Damian Priest at WrestleMania 37 earlier this year to beat The Miz and John Morrison. His performances are known to be one of the best performances in WWE history.

In a recent interview with Night Fun, Undertaker spoke highly of the Puerto Rican star.

“Bunny has set up a bar, dad. He put the bar at the very top. I tell you, among all the people who have crossed over and made a name for themselves, I mean, have killed them. Obviously it would have been different to do the whole list, but what he did… I think was really weird. I was impressed by his ability, “said Undertaker.

Damian Priest’s career has been solid since his WrestleMania team played Bad Bunny. Talking to BT Games in September, the United States Champion said he “100% believes” his citizen will fight WWE again.

Undertaker’s recent career after retiring from WWE

When the Bad Bunny wrestling career was just beginning, Undertaker retired from the competition in 2020 after 30 years in the WWE.

Last week, Netflix released a new special, Escape the Undertaker, which sees New Day attempting to steal an Undertaker urn from his home. As part of the experience, viewers are given a number of options to decide what to do based on the story.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo told Sportskeeda Wrestling and Dr. Chris Featherstone that Netflix video is “Great” for children. However, they do not believe that his goal is for adults.

Please Honor Fun tonight and give you an H / T on Sportskeeda Wrestling to be recorded if you use the words from this article.

Will Vince Russo Survive the Undertaker? Note here, brother.

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