Trump’s 1/6 Conference Organizers Have One Day to Follow Subpoenas Or Be Resolved

A 1/6 of Committee member Jammu Raskin warned those organizing Trump’s congressional hearings that he has one day to go to the polls or be arrested.

Rep. Raskin sent a message saying:

1/6 Committee Not Cheating

The 1/6 committee has already announced that they will meet at prompt selection of cases involving Steve Bannon, who refused to comply with the summons.

The message that is being disseminated to everyone within the hearing is that the Committee is not interfering. He does not allow these witnesses to jump, dodge, or waste time.

They have seen all the games that Trump and his teammates are playing, and the Committee is ready to use its power to force compliance.

Republicans have been saying for nine months that the Capitol attacks and Trump rallies were not the same.

If so, those planning a meeting should be happy to follow and subpoenas and wash their names.

Since he looks like he doesn’t follow, he’s probably getting some bad advice from Trump, he’s in hiding, or both.

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