Trump Supporter Threats Civil War Like Chuck Todd Wonderful If Democracy Is In Danger

Outside the Donald Trump conference in Iowa, his aides were discussing civil war, but Chuck Todd is questioning whether democracy is at stake.


Trump supporter told MSNBC, “ I think the Republicans are about as weak as they can be in a meeting. You have at least six that are their main salt, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and two or three one. The rest of them are the same like Democrats. They stayed there too long. That’s the establishment. I don’t care The American people because they are in their upper tower. We’re just sick, you know. We do not take it again. I see civil war is coming. I do. What civil war is coming. ”

Trump is attracting people who hate his government and is telling anyone who will listen that he is interested in a civil war.

Chuck Todd Wants To Be Alarmist To Ask If Democracy Is In Danger

So far, this is how Chuck Todd opened Meet Meet Press:

Corporate Media Means The Dangers Of Democracy As A Political Issue.

The media companies only know how to appeal to Republicans by criticizing both sides. Chuck Todd’s questions were nonsense. The Capitol invasion was proof enough that there are millions of Americans who are determined to destroy democracy in the name of Trump.

This is not the case for both parties.

The other party wants to undermine democracy, and is backed by working journalists who enjoy playing silent.

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