Trips to the west are delayed until the fourth day

Southwest Airlines has criticized air traffic control and delayed flight delays and delays until the fourth day, with the airline saying the crash showed how much more work was difficult.

Dallas flight banned 363 flights Monday, 10% of bookings in the US, and another 21% delay. The disruption is in stark contrast to other major US operations. American Airlines only suspended 1% of its flights on Monday with an 8% delay, and United and Delta flights performed well.

The crisis improved again over the weekend, with the southwest banning or delaying 59% of flights on Saturday and 62% on Sundays. In the United States, by comparison, an estimated 23% of U.S. airlines crashed.

“We did not expect any major disruptions during the emergency [air traffic control] “Problems and bad weather on our Florida radios,” said Alan Kasher, vice president of the Southwest. “

Several airlines – including American, Spirit, Allegiant and, in June, Southwest – the rest of the pages just kept arguing in various places during the summer when they try to have a problem with recurrence after the plague in the first months of the long season.

Kasher said on Monday that Dallas flights had not been improved due to power cuts due to power outages. Covid-19 disease, meaning that “we still have a small number of frequencies between major airports to deliver delayed or canceled customers”.

There were rumors on the internet over the weekend that the cancellation and delays in the southwest stemmed from an illegal “illness” – with workers citing multiple illnesses as a way to disrupt business – which the airline and contract said were not false.

Casey Murray, President of the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association, told members of the alliance that what had been “minor evacuation incidents had damaged Southwest Airlines because our work had become lighter and less successful under a little pressure”.

Few workers in the southwest are frustrated with Covid-19 vaccine support. Last week the agreement asked the federal court to overturn the order, saying it was not against them but that the airline should discuss the situation.

The agreement “did not allow, and does not approve of, any work,” Murray said.

Shares in the southwest were down 3.2% at $ 52.19 on sale on Monday afternoon.

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