Tomorrow morning: Someone made a USB-C iPhone

Years ago, I wrote this about how I wanted the iPhone to get USB-C and leaving its connector Lightning. This was just after the company’s first iPhone Pro models with pro-levels, such as stainless steel, and, in turn, three cameras. Go fast so far, as soon as I set up the iPhone 13 series, and I don’t have my iPhone-C for iPhone. Fortunately, there are professionals who love complexity.

On his YouTube channel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology student Ken Pillonel mocked iPhone X with USB-C port, I promise the full video later on how it happened. In the first video, he also described how he changed the Lightning connector, and pulled the integrated device from the third cable and pulled it up to the USB-C connector. Of course, this is not something that most of us should try.

It is possible for Apple to do the same, as the iPad Pro and the new mini have USB-C ports. Europe recently announced the introduction of USB-C as a standard for all phones and electronic devices – which could boost Apple’s launch.

– Matt Smith

He also said the company had ‘deliberately violated’ its Play Store agreement.

Google has read Epic Games on in-app purchases on Fortnite, saying it “deliberately violated” its partnership with the Play Store. Epic originally filed a lawsuit against Google in August, and as soon as he complained, Apple tested him. “Epic has somehow benefited unfairly from Google’s funding,” the company said in a statement.

Forget it, Epic sued Google after removing Fortnite from its Play Store while Mega Drop gave players a way to bypass Play and get downloaded items.

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Didn’t we just have an Apple experience?


Apple will buy it again on October 18 at 1 PM ET. The call for the Unpublished show doesn’t offer many answers, but we expect to see a 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, powered by a closed M1X processor.

Apple may also be releasing a third generation ‘original’ AirPods – headphones that we thought we’d see on the iPhone a few months ago.

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Motorola Edge Review (2021)

Changes where they are most needed.

The Motorola Edge stood out.


Motorola’s Edge, a 2021 update, is still making a splash but with the addition of a 144Hz fast display, a stable fingerprint scanner and support for a better program, it responds to the many flaws of its predecessors. If you can forgive the trial camera and its wireless download, there is a lot more you can want on this phone. For now, the unlocked version of 256GB is $ 600, but in the end it will cost $ 700. Another powerful midrange phone is here.

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The company has also changed its existing format.

Tires develops a tracker that uses Ultra-wideband (UWB) with Bluetooth and works on Android and iOS. UWB devices are able to send location and location controls to reduce their location more accurately than with Bluetooth alone.

The Point and Locate feature of Tile Ultra gives you the opportunity to use the additional reality to find the object with a turn-by-turn motion and display the location of the tracker. Tires is working with Google to upgrade the Android 12 and UWB smartphones. It will begin in early 2022.

Until then, the company has announced the new Tile Pro, as well as Sticker, Slim and Mate trackers. Pro is the most powerful company at the moment, with 400 feet.

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To listen to the first router.

Netgear operators


How much would you be prepared to pay for all those wireless phones at home? At least three packs.

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The company plans to start shipping its first hyperbike by the end of 2022.

VanMoof V Extension


Motorcycle maker EvanMoof wants to make riders from A to B faster with his first race. VanMoof V is the first industrial hyperbike, capable of hitting 31MPH (50KMH) high speeds.

VanMoof puts this as a place to revitalize the city and long distances, but as the limits for e-bike racing vary from city to city, the e-bike will have a similar speed. While developing VanMoof V, the company plans to work with lawmakers and governments on e-bike laws, including geofcing and running laws.

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