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It was the father / son day of Tom and Connor Cruise when he took them to a baseball game together on October 9. Tom joined the team around him while he spent some time with his only son.

Tom Cruise went to the San Francisco Giants game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in San Francisco on October 9, and was reunited with their son, Connor Cruise, 26, a football player. It is very important for Tom to be photographed with her each of his children, so this was a strange sight. The star was smiling as she sat next to her adopted son and participated in the game, while spending time chatting with the fans who sat around her.

Tom Cruise has gone to an MLB wrestling match with their son, Connor. (Jeff Chiu / AP / Shutterstock)

A video from the stand shows Tom taking selfies with fans and shaking hands with a smile on his face. Connor was sitting to his right and seemed oblivious to the attention his famous father was receiving. The men were just a few lines away from the field, so they had good seats to watch as the Dodgers dominated the Giants in a 9-2 victory.

Tom connor trip
Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise attend the Dodgers / Giants game on October 9, 2021. (Jeff Chiu / AP / Shutterstock)

Tom took Connor and his wife, Nicole Kidman, in the 90s. They also have a daughter, Isabella Cruise, aged 28. Tom and Nicole divorced in 2001, and for the most part, Isabella and Connor have lived unknown lives. Like their father, Bella and Connor are both Scientologists.

Although he lives a much lower life than his parents, Connor has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, where he publicly shares his life changes once in a while. Most of the time, Connor showing his love of fishing, revealing what he had caught while chatting in the boats with his friends. He also has an Instagram restaurant account called Connor’s Meat Shack, where he posts photos of brisket, burger, chicken and more.

In addition to Connor and Isabella, Tom shares a daughter, Suri Cruise, 15, and an old woman, Katie Holmes. Nicole currently has two daughters, and her own husband, Keith UrbanSunday Urban is 13 years old, right Urban Faith is 10 years old.

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