The US military has delayed Microsoft’s $ 22 billion HoloLens deal

The American military will not be study with HoloLens headphones for a while. Reuters and Windows Central The U.S. military reports have delayed the deployment of the HoloLens-based Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) by one year, until September 2022. Janes he understood The delay was due to the need to throw a job test from July this year until May 2022 to “mature” mixed technologies.

Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense he found an early October survey to determine if Microsoft’s machine can meet the requirements. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This did not mean that military-loving HoloLens were in trouble. The military claimed to be “fully committed” to the $ 22 billion IVAS deal, and tested it again in September. The department has planned to conduct tests “frequently” through their 2022 funding, which expires in September next year.

IVAS is necessary to act as a assistant combat agent and training tool. Babies have seen group standings and other on-field performances, full of night vision – they will be aware of what is reserved for video games. In preparation, headphones can provide information to help teachers develop other skills.

Delays will not help much to dispel criticism of the HoloLens connection within Microsoft. Employees have long denied Microsoft previously supported direct war support and ‘games’, especially since co-workers have not received any comment on the matter. However, Microsoft will not change its music. The company sees the IVAS approach help and protect the troops Instead of being a nasty weapon – and losing a contract could damage Microsoft’s reputation and HoloLens’ speed.

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