The famous story changes with Virgil Abloh x Nigo of Louis Vuitton

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Notes by Avani Thakkar

Are two heads better than one? If the most recent agreement between the top agencies and their experts is to oversee each step, the answer is “yes”. It all started in April when Gucci “robbed” Kering Balenciaga’s colleague to form a medical team called Aria, consisting of several electric suits, leggings and blazers that dug the history of all of them. Shortly after arriving the Prada’s Spring / Summer ’21 (shown at Milan Fashion Week), which was a parallel show of Miuccia Prada’s head-to-head vision and Raf Simons production; the first of many to come, as announced by the top Italian titan. In the meantime, the Dior x sacai design donation, which is about to be released in November 2021, promises to offer Japanese twists on Dior’s past as a horse riding bag.

Although fashion trends often overlap in the past before the plague, the initial excitement and anticipation surrounding relationships in a world full of shows seems to have grown exponentially. Why, you ask? According to Tagwalk’s findings, a search page that reveals what looks like in fashion, is the result of a shift to what aspiring tired people want. To this end, the question of what kind of advice he would recommend to the CEO of a high-level was met with a number of answers that read as follows:.

While the idea of ​​reviving the museum appears under the auspices of the former director of the show and the resumption of a well-known era in the history of fashion with a different culture, 2021 seeks to look forward to a better company – a partner willing to combine the two best countries through new ensembles. Just look at Louis Vuitton’s second LV2 (Louis Vuitton Squared): A multi-colored storm that hit the ground under the supervision of men’s director general, Virgil Abloh, and Nigo, a Japanese fashion designer.

Known as the legends of “deceivers” all over the world, Abloh and Nigo and their old allies have a partnership that goes beyond business. While the impressive relaunch of the inclusion of a number of things he did as a founder and art director at the high-profile Off-White brand is no secret, his three years (and I count) being the chief medical officer at LV was not a coincidence – to date. And who can come to this picture better than the infamous artist, producer and DJ Nigo? Well-known after the A Bathing Ape (BAPE) outfit, Nigo pioneered hip-hop fashion on Japanese streets and on international waters in the early 2000s. In 2013, almost two decades after launching the iconic CAPE image as a well-known street icon, Nigo announced it was leaving the site and embarking on freelancing. Since then, he has been involved in making his own brand of Human Made which recently launched a grape that has revealed several shoes and clothing made in conjunction with Adidas Originals.

With more work to do, both Nigo and Abloh can be commended for their unique style of writing. For Pre-Spring 2022, the two “destroyers” teamed up to create high-end men’s clothing that is well-known in the LV series and rocking Nigo roots in the popular Harajuku district of Tokyo. This spectacular display awakens the student-who walks the streets vibe, and reminds me that they all work and no drama, makes Jack look stupid. The alliance is built on the idea of ​​giving high-quality silhouettes to the youngsters who combine the power of the powerful tires with the streetwear that has faded into the back.

Before getting into clothing that makes LV2, let’s take a moment to thank her for her high-end accessories – jewelry hats, ‘70s-shaped retro sunglasses, leopard-headed belts, handbags and duck-looking bags (yes, you read). Although we will not be boarding a plane with a large Louis Vuitton suitcase soon, LV2‘M med of totes and modified cruiser bags are the most welcome. Notice how Nigo infiltrates its Japanese design through the production of knots that resemble fur-coated fabrics while I play red cardiac logo, the Human Made logo, adorns any shape.

The protagonist of this alliance is undoubtedly the outer garment, like the boxy blazers who are not afraid to block the colors and the negative thoughts. Forget about the black tie code at your next big party and rely on one of the LVs2striped striped jacket or simple denim suits instead. Those who want to go “out” should enjoy giving LV2a bright red shirt and white or fur coat, with sleeveless tops, dressed in a brightly colored Dison maison color. Well-worn coats and canvas jackets are plentiful, but it is the same shape as the kimono that makes this design so oomph; Nigo and Abloh’s strong movement for streetwear and traditional clothing no longer includes the certainty of anything. With real fashion, we can’t miss the interest of traditional shoes featuring leather jackets that have a heart-shaped design.

Louis Vuitton’s efforts to integrate Nigo’s refreshing techniques into the brand’s existing concept are not just examples of how “cooperation helps make dreams work”. Rather, it is a reflection of how fashion trends are elevated when its established “rules” are changed to represent different cultures and ideas around the world. Perhaps that is why there is no better name for the convention than LV2 – a very complete original form, which acknowledges the existence of different ideas. And if there is a place where the idea should be implemented ASAP, it is streetwear, which is known for its traditional design and its pure story that erases the beauty of hip-hop.

Can less destruction and more hope be the future associated with fashion? Probably, as long as the original exchange like this between Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton’s Nigo continues to be given a chance at the industry.

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