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Dr. Danielle Jones is a Texas midwife / midwife and mother of four and fears that pregnant women in Texas will lose their lives after the government banned abortion. That is why.

Savita, a beautiful 31-year-old doctor in Ireland was delighted to become pregnant with her first child. Everything was going well in her stomach until she was 17 weeks old and she started to have severe back pain. Sadly, she began to have a miscarriage but when her body did not release the baby, the doctors refused to give it to her – it was against the law. Although Savita and her husband complained of a stomach infection that spread throughout the hospital, the hospital refused to have an abortion.

He died a few days after the “special case”.

This is the case Dr. Danielle Jones , the OBGYN accredited organization from Austin, warns that this will happen to Texas women, as the Texas anti-abortion law, called “SB8”, has been re-enacted by the 5thth U.S. Court of Appeals, cold in the U.S. District Court Judge, Robert Pitman. The U.S. Department of Justice has now requested that the temporary suspension be suspended so that abortion can continue in Texas. In the meantime, she has been banned again six weeks after her pregnancy.

Today, Texas women face two risks as it is illegal to have an abortion in Texas, even if they have been raped or relatives. The only exception to this rule is that she may die from pregnancy. Under SB 8 the doctor must believe that there is a ‘medical problem that impedes compliance’ with this rule and has “resulted in an abortion”. Click here to view the SB-8 Texas law online.

The first threat is that thousands of Texas women every year will not be able to have an abortion in this country to end their unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. Those who cannot afford or cannot leave their children or jobs to go outside the government, will be forced to carry children who cannot help them and do not want them.

Austin, Texas OBGYN Dr. Danielle Jones (Courtesy of Dr. Danielle Jones)

But second: There have been many women who die as a result of Savita’s similarities, experiencing complications in pregnancy, even during pregnancy. And yet their doctors will be terrified of abortion that will save their lives.

Texas is the second largest state in the country with a population of 29 million and approximately 400,000 babies born every year – means that there are thousands of women who have a miscarriage each year.

Now, some of these women die unnecessarily because they have recently had an abortion.

“I would be surprised if (the mother is dying) it didn’t happen. Texas is a large state. People think these things are a necessity but this is what we do every week, warns Dr. Jones, who has 1 million followers YouTube video, Ms. Doctor Jones, where she answers common questions about female reproduction such as “How is an IUP installed?”.

A Dr. Jones wants American women – especially those in Texas – to know that they could be at risk of surviving pregnancy, and that their doctors would no longer be able to provide the much-needed life-saving care they need.

Houston women have marched against the new government ban even for those who have been raped by relatives. (Reginald Mathalone / NurPhoto / Shutterstock)

“When can I call it‘ suddenly ’?”, Dr Jones wonders HollywoodLife, in conversation with EXCLUSIVE. He also said that the new law does not do anything to define “medical”, which would allow abortion to take place legally, leaving only the doctor’s “belief”, that it is “necessary”.

She describes the experience she witnessed: a woman who has a “serious heart problem and is in childbirth because if she gets pregnant, she could die”, yet her prevention has failed and she is pregnant. “You know that his life is in danger. They may have a 50% chance of dying during pregnancy, but not ‘emergency‘”, He says. “Can I intervene? Probably not. I have to wait until he gets sick and his life is in real danger. ”

“Should I wait to have an abortion until the pregnancy is about to kill her?”, She asks.

Another experience she observed: a girl who is pregnant through IVF, is found to be releasing amniotic fluid at 16 weeks of gestation. Now, she is at risk of infection because she has lost amniotic fluid. The safest thing for a mother is to end the pregnancy but it is not “sudden”.

“The fact is that many of these patients develop malaria and become ill. And as soon as this happens, even though this may be a good reason to help, even with this law, the fact is that you have increased your chances of losing the uterus or losing their life in pregnancy, ”she said. He explains that once a mother has a uterus infection, her uterus often does not stop bleeding and the disease can enter her bloodstream to threaten the spread of her body. (This is what happened to Savita). Abortion will be required at that time, to save their lives.

“Threatening life is not easily explained – it does not mean, you are fine for one minute, then your life is in danger,” he said. “I’m growing slowly … it’s impossible if you’re trying to follow this rule”.

A Dr. Jones also wants Texas women to understand that according to state law, they will be forced to carry baby boys and what they call “deadly murders” forever. They refer to, for example, non-brain tumors that can live for a short time after birth before they die or a fetus that has not had a kidney. Without the kidneys, the babies do not come out of the lungs so at birth they cannot breathe. These babies will disrupt the way they are born.

Texas’s brutal abortion ban will force mothers to carry these children without hope of living for nine months, just to watch them suffer and die after death.

“You are not forced to keep your deceased relative to help you if he or she does not get better, then you should not be forced to continue to have a pregnancy like this”, believes Dr. Jones. “I see people saying, this is only 2% or 5% of abortions, or any number they are throwing. And the answer to that question is, ‘Who cares about how much more everyone is forced to suffer.’

And he adds, “If you force someone to do things that would endanger their lives, then it is politically unacceptable.”

Even Texas law, forced by the “ordinary Gestapo”, according to Drs. Jones explains (anyone in this country can sue anyone without proof, that he is thinking of helping or helping a mother have an abortion) insisting that he continue to “do good to my patients. I will make sure they are well cared for on their worst day. And if anyone wants to sue me for this, let us go. ”

In other words, he will honor his Hippocrat oath – which the state legislature in Texas prohibits physicians from doing: “Treat patients as best they can, keeping patients’ privacy,” reads the oath.

Surprisingly, many people in Texas are opposed to traditional healers. Also, they do not know how doctors can defend themselves in lawsuits even if they have saved the lives of women and the women have agreed. “Am I allowed to bring medical records to court – this is a violation of HIPPA (violation of patient privacy). I can no longer bring my medical records (to court) and say, look this was a legitimate reason (abortion).”

She also worries that the doctor might save the mother’s life and still sue her one night in her family, who did not believe her life was in danger. Then, aside from the money, if you do not intervene, because you feel you cannot, because you are worried that if you obey him, you will end up not being approved by the hospital. ”

The program of Texas Parliament and Texas Ambassador Greg Abbot has also posed a threat to all state women and state doctors.

“It’s not a good idea for people who are trying to do everything they can to take care of the sick.” Dr. Jones wants American women to be aware that, “Every time you compromise a doctor’s chances of making a decision based on medical evidence, you put patients at risk.”

Is that what Texas men and women want for themselves? Want their families? Want doctors who should take care of them as best they can, but are now not legally allowed?

And Texas is not the only government it will soon have prevent abortion. The Supreme Court is considering an abortion law in Mississippi on December 1, which could lead to Roe v. Wade will be replaced after almost 50 years. Several other countries are ready to enact such bans as Texas, instead, like Roe v. Wade is no longer the law of the land.

That is to say, Drs. Jones on the lives of Texas women will expand to the lives of women in many American countries. Is this how American women want to be – a vote-rigging to make decisions for their child? And even if they could die because they and the doctors could not legally save their lives?

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