Terrorist Kevin McCarthy Says Congress Has No Freedom To Write His Phone Phone

Lower House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) falsely claimed that Congress has no right to allow his phone to be 1/6.


When asked about the 1/6 Committee recording of his phone calls, McCarthy said, “I did not hear anything but this is a select committee this is the first time in History is not bipartisan with Nancy Pelosi, chooses who can be on this the committee and what they are trying to do, they’re leaving two main points, why we were so unprepared for January 6th and how can we be sure that we will do so? will no longer be responsible? It’s just politics. C.ongress has no rights track my or your phone numbers

McCarthy was not telling the truth on several occasions. There are Republicans on the 1/6 Committee, that is, they are bipartisan, and Congress has good reason to obey the law because of the Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump’s legal case was correct. The Supreme Court ruled in Trump’s case that Congress reserves the right to obtain more information from its inquiries.

It is already known that McCarthy spoke to Trump at 1/6, but the Lower House Leader is trying to cover up his negotiations with Trump, as one thinks it undermines McCarthy, Trump, and the Republican Party.

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