Ted Lieu Blasts Claremont Institute for Whitewashing A John Eastman Trump Coup Memo

The Claremont Institute is trying to prove that John Eastman Trump’s memo was not a retaliatory demonstration, so Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) recognized them.

Right Right Trying To Make Evidence Of Trump’s Marriage Ending

John Eastman’s memo was a six-way solution for Trump’s decision to remain in office that would affect Vice President Pence, Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, as well as Supreme Court Justice Alito.

This is evidence that Trump is trying to push for a democratic election in order to stay in power.

The Claremont Institute tried to tell another story, but Rep. Ted did not have:

`Rep. Lieu was right. The memo is not a fake story. The plan was clear, and it was up to Mike Pence to make a fuss by refusing to confirm the election, which would allow McCarthy and Scalise to plead guilty, and Judge Alito to issue an injunction barring the election, which could be thrown at governments with the aim of getting the House’s representatives elected, while Republicans have a majority to declare Trump the winner.

Nancy Pelosi immediately saved the day by calling on Congress to confirm the results after the 1/6 devastation. Pence did not play together, so McCarthy and Scalise had no time to present their case, and democracy was saved.

Republicans are trying to rewrite history, which is why they are afraid of the 1/6 survey, as well as what needs to be revealed.

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