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Newcastle manager Steve Bruce graduated Tuesday but is expected to be released from his post this week in a Super Sunday match against Tottenham at St James’ Park.

Bruce, who met Amanda Staveley for the first time on Monday, studied with their assistant Graeme Jones Tuesday morning although it is not known what the future holds.

Staveley was scheduled to meet Bruce and the players last Friday after taking part in the PCP’s Capital Partners club, but the manager and players were not available due to international training.

Staveley, chief executive of PCP Capital Partners and director on the Newcastle board, has returned to the northeast after spending a weekend at his London home.

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Without a replacement for Bruce, it looks like Jones will be asked to lead the first team in a game against Spurs as the search for ownership for a new manager.

Jones was the only member of staff in Bruce’s back room who arrived privately in early 2019.

Bruce said Sky Sports News Thursday that he is well aware that new owners may be looking for a new head coach.

“I’m happy with the club that passed. It’s a good night for the fans, I’m happy with them,” Bruce said.

“I want to continue [as manager] but I have to be honest. I’m not stupid and I know what can happen to new owners. “

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Bruce has left the Newcastle training ground after meeting Amanda Staveley

Staveley had a brief encounter with all of his teammates at a conference Friday morning, when he clapped his hands to buy the club.

Monday will be the first time he and his team will visit a training center, which needs to be renovated or rebuilt.

Current general manager Lee Charnley – whom many see as “Mike Ashley’s father” – remains at the club to help with the recovery.

The reason for not making decisions at the moment is the lack of coordination to see how the club is performing in the first place. Also, the predatory form that has taken place has quickly left them behind in their preparation.

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Former Newcastle defender Steve Howey believes the club should follow Manchester City’s move following a $ 300m court ruling by Saudi Arabia’s court.

Al-Rumayyan hopes to be in Spurs’ game

Newcastle new chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan is expected to take part in Sunday’s game against Tottenham.

Al-Rumayyan officials are PIF ambassadors and expect the 51-year-old former player to attend a Saudi-sponsored meeting to begin work over the weekend.

He wrote a letter to Newcastle fans last Thursday, saying the league wanted the club to win.

Al-Rumayyan is my favorite golfer and is well known by the players on the PGA Tour. People like Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Lee Westwood who live in Newcastle all played golf in Saudi Arabia.

There is no Derby link from Ashley

Mike Ashley has not contacted Derby County officials, Sky Sports News he was told, amid reports that he was interested in buying a tough Championship club.

The former Newcastle owner is now considering his options, earning nearly $ 300m for selling the Premier League club.

It sounds like Ashley will want to invest some of that money in the future, but buying another football club is not where he needs to go next.

There have been no comments on the matter either from Ashley, or from Quantuma leading Derby.

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