Starship Technologies: looking forward to 2021 | and Ahti Heinla | Starship Technologies

Marketing chains should rely on new delivery methods, as they seek to meet customer needs carefully and efficiently. In September we announced our first partnership with a major US retailer, The Save Mart Companies, to provide what they would need, to quickly deliver what their customers like.

Citizens of Modesto, CA can now access their Save Mart property using a stand-alone robot

With students returning to university, our robots have been busy providing disconnected, faster and cheaper ways to the school. The number of independents has been growing, with weekends writing. We have ideas for growth at many new universities by 2021.

As we move on to the next chapter, Lex Bayer stepped down as CEO of Starship from June 2018 to October 2020. Over the years, the number of donations completed by the Company’s autonomous robots has grown from 5,000 to 500,000, with 1 million miles traveled. We are delighted with the growth of Starship at the moment and thank you for what Lex has done, and wish him well in his future career.

I will be a long-term CEO as we look for the best person to lead the company in the future. Since Starship formed with Janus Friis in 2014, I have been proud to participate in realizing our vision, including as CEO for almost four years and most recently as a CTO.

By early 2021 we hope to contribute to one million independent autonomy. We have come this way thanks to our most intelligent and innovative robots in the world – above all – the best group of people who have made our company today. I can’t wait to discuss more of our Starship tour soon.

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