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Will Trevor get his pants back on ?! Asher Grodman, the star of “ Spirits ”, spoke to HL and HL about playing a man who shows off his ‘thighs’ every week and what comes after Sam finds out.

As Trevor begins to appear in the news CBS List Spirits, the first thing you can see is that they don’t wear pants. The financial brother died without pants, and now he lives a future without them. HollywoodLife spoke TOGETHER with Asher Grodman about whether Trevor will get pants or not.

“Why would you want them to take off their pants? The only way I can think of them taking pants is if, when, how we reveal lightly, I have to say, what can happen. I do not know. I think you usually have my pasty bags, ”Asher said.

Asher Grodman’s Trevor died without pants. (CBS)

When Asher learned to play hide-and-seek, he became a little nervous. Still, he enjoys the colorless nature of his personality.

“One of my oldest friends had just gotten a job, and I explained to him about the position and that I wouldn’t be wearing pants,” Asher said. “He said, ‘Did they see your legs?’ And I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘I don’t know if you have the job, maybe he should cross over to Ts and write about Is.’ But he was not tested, so I went. To be honest with you, in the light of it, as someone who has never joked before, especially on camera, it’s refreshing. But before we shot the pilot, I was alone with my parents for a long time, 6 to 7 months, looking like four people. It got to me the night before the shoot. All of a sudden, I started doing all the work without my pants on, but I realized that the secret was to take off my pants before the cameras could roll over because it was like getting into a cold pool. all right. ”

For the first time, there was a moment when Trevor touched the vest and it fell to the ground. Samantha, one of the occupants of the house where the ghosts lived, stumbled upon a vase and fell onto the steps.

“Everyone ghosts I have a little bit of the worldly power of them, “explained Asher.” So Trevor, with great effort and energy, is able to move things around the world. It is not a very powerful force, but it has. So if the monsters want to move some stuff, Trevor is the one you call. As you can see, Thor was able to make the lights go out because he had been struck by lightning. Isaac has the ability, or I don’t know if it’s a skill, but if he goes through it, it sounds like a fart. Each of us has less power. ”

Since ghosts have a certain natural ability that connects them to the real world, Asher said that the show “has a lot of potential. When I first read how I live, I like this thing because I don’t know what to do next. There are so many possibilities. ”

Regarding what’s coming now for Sam to see the ghosts, Asher said, “Obviously, he has, with his roommate 8. So there are relationships that need to be formed by each of them and negotiated to be beaten. In Trevor’s mind, it’s like a girl. This beautiful woman has just come into the house and sees me. I have not been seen by a living person for 20 years. She is happy.

The Release of ‘Spirits.’ (CBS)

At that point, you can see that Trevor and Pete will be looking good on the computer. Asher is another star Richie Moriarty’s true friendship has made their way.

“Obviously the two are friends. They are the ones who have died recently. Pete understands about half of what Trevor is saying, which also brings them closer together. But another thing that I think works with is Richie Moriarty. She is amazing. I love this person. It’s amazing. He and I are two New Yorkers who are members. Everyone else is in LA. So when we first stopped this, Richie and I boarded a plane for LA and then headed back. We always went from place to place. When we live in a city, we travel together. There was a lot of travel time that we shared. We went to the airport carrying shields and masks and hazmat suits and all so we became friendly. As is often the case, when you create a show, the relationships between the actors begin to spread through the window. I looked at his arrow at the pilot, which turned out to be a lot of advertising. It was this exciting moment. It wasn’t written, it was just Richie and I was just walking around and the director saw it and he was like, ‘Let’s do this. I like it. ‘I think this is happening with a lot of people who are in this movement. We all became very close to being in limbo for a long time, and when the opportunity came, everyone was ready to play. You will see more from everyone. ” Spirits appears Thursday on CBS.

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