Southwest Airlines Risks and Burns in Response to PR Problems

Southwest Airlines’ list is “Cheap. There’s no hiding. That’s the way to do things!”

As of Monday, the airline had banned almost two thousand flights, including more than 1,000 flights, threatening 29% of its time, on Sunday alone. On Saturday, the flight was canceled 808 flights and 1,187 flights were delayed.

The reason?

According to company representatives, the weather is a factor.

Unless this “weather” was not found on any page, and the same miracle is that it did not affect any aircraft.

That’s why it wasn’t.

It was a blatant lie in an attempt to save face.

Predictably, the company was quickly drawn into the media in their efforts to address the problem of growing PR. Opinions against the Southwest were not included in its manuscript of the situation, as well as in the past, inconsistent. The alliance was very bad. But instead of acknowledging the reality, the company’s spokespersons chose to bury the lie.

So what is the real reason for landing a plane?

In short, there was a shortage of pilots. But that was not what the plane did stay adequate drivers.

It was true that its pilots called patients because they opposed the company’s offer. And thousands of pilots have copied the slides and videos.

But Southwest Airlines denies this.

Like their false claims that the weather is the cause, the company’s representatives seem to believe that if they could say something-everything-That the world would just ignore the evidence they see and believe instead.

The southwestern route is the exact opposite how the PR problem should be treated. And I think it’s going to get worse over time because desperate people are doing bad things.

I predict that in the near future, the aircraft will see that it will not satisfy the people that some of the hidden seasons that no one can see stop, and will criticize the pilots.

From the dream, into the fire.

The move will damage their reputation and their interdependence. It will also enable more pilots to speak, which will exacerbate the problem in the southwest.

Based on its response to the crisis at this time, I predict that the company will attack the pilots by calling them “anti vaxxers” which would be baseless. It can shoot at many levels.

It is because this is not about vaccination. Or the COVID vaccine in particular. It is about a company that believes it has the right to impose health choices on employees.

Speaking of medicine, there are many reasons why one might not like the vaccine. Especially considering that it has been in use for a short time, hence there is no information on its safety. And it does not prevent the spread of the virus in the first place, so there is no valid reason to accept it as a profession. This is why we see all those who are not vaccinated and vaccinated equally pushing this back.

Finally, the company has solved this problem from the beginning and it seems to continue to grow in every segment. If you continue this approach, it will undermine corporate culture and social interdependence, which could lead to significant market losses over time.

But perhaps managers at Southwest Airlines will hire professionals to solve PR problems for them, to put ideas aside, and to improve appropriately.

Only time can tell.

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