Silence on the streets full of joy

Wednesday evening, 123-1 became 130-7 abruptly, Bidhan Sarani-Vivekananda Road in the North Kolkata region, where there are many cultural teachings, seemingly silent. Until just a few minutes before this, I hear loud noises that can be heard in any group where people are as brave as thunder and let them start jumping.

While the Delhi Capitals were writing amazing protests, there was an amazing silence at night. Arrive Rahul Tripathi. He has become an unknown hero of Driver Kolkata Knight this season, with Sunil Narine getting closer, Tripathi had resumed work with Ravi Ashwin, who was wearing a hat. Ashwin threw a carrom ball and Tripathi was just left to pick it up on the shooter’s head to win six.

Three different things happened within a few seconds of the shooting being played. Conch shells pierced the soft air and it was like three puppies around my house suddenly came to life. Second, the song resumed and a nearby tea dealer opened his shop in the middle of the night, hoping to serve the pandal makers. Third, the city was transformed into a magnificent one with electricity from any of the night sky-lights. Afterwards, it was the brightest night of Ashtami.

Trust, good addition to the KKR IPL 2021 campaign

Six Rahul Tripathi & # 039;  published a KKR agreement against DC
Six members of Rahul Tripathi sealed the KKR coalition against DC

KKR campaign in IPL 2021 has a lot of life lessons to it. First, it is a lesson that is never said in real life. Like the second wave, the KKR campaign was doomed in April and May. But come September, with a different group with different ideas. Things get better later.

Second, it affects self-esteem and how it affects the people around you. The establishment of Venkatesh Iyer has made Shubman Gill and Tripathi different players less compelling. Finally, even without Russell, KKR did not lack the confidence of its competitors. This is a very good lesson for all of us as we seek to escape the plague.

While we need to be alert, we must also compel ourselves to retaliate. And despite all the obstacles around us, none of us can be disappointed. The KKR journey is not over yet. The same goes for each one of us. Chennai is still standing. Covid also did not run out. But we can see the light at the end of the canal.

Now we know that things are changing and that he is the only one on earth who needs it. KKR has made our pujas in Bengal even better and in so doing, has given each of us a new way to save lives.

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