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Talking about black women owning guns, Sherri Shepherd described exactly how she kept her bag next to her bed, much to the surprise of fans!

Sherri Shepherd they do not interfere when they claim to be safe! See The tour guide revealed that he not only owns a gun, but puts it in a drawer along with a large toy, Tuesday, October 12 at the show. The women were discussing how more black women are living gun owners last year. Fans were amazed at the heartfelt comment, in a very enthusiastic discussion.

Earlier in the day, Sherri said he bought a 9mm pistol during the outbreak, feeling “helpless” and began receiving traffic notices through his area. She said she wanted to buy a gun to protect her son. “I felt empowered to buy this gun. I took classes. I tried the test. I go to different places with my boyfriends every week, and it just makes me feel like something is going to happen, I can protect my baby, ”she said.

Sherri Shepherd revealed where she kept her gun during a visit by guests at ‘The View.’ (O’Connor / / MEGA)

Most of the episodes were very complicated, but before they exploded, Chimwemwe Behar he tried to do so avoid the conversation a joke about being careless about buying a gun. “I feel like if I had a gun, I would shoot myself. I shoot myself. I have a klutz! ”He said. Sherri then came in and gave her some advice about where she lived, and it was also on the side of her sex toys. “Keep it where I keep my gun, in the closet next to my special toys. When you come to my house, you will have a happy ending or an ending, ”he laughed.

Sherri gave her reasons for buying the gun while in ‘The View.’ (ABC / Lou Rocco)

Given that Sherri spoke frankly (and surprisingly), fans on Twitter were shocked to see it as funny that she told the audience that she kept her gun and her sex toys and fans that the advice made her “scream”. One person wrote that “they have to make sure you get the right one” if someone else enters. Another contributor shared a GIF of Whoopi Goldberg laughter. When some fans thought it was a funny revelation, one man asked him to be the owner of the gun who told him and told him to “shut up.”

In all of these discussions, women also brought up a number of important issues, including the possession of firearms that increase the risk of homicide or suicide. He also talked about the use of firearms laws to try to keep guns out of the black community, and how many black women who own guns because they feel insecure.

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