Senior Pentagon Official Says China is beating us up on AI

An image of a story featuring a Senior Senior Pentagon Official Says China is hitting our ass in Artificial Intelligence

Drawing picture: Lucas Ropek / US Air Force

A former Pentagon official has recently resigned out of frustration with the government’s seeming progress in terms of intelligence and computer security – two regions say China will succeed if we do not agree.

Nicolas Chaillan, former Air Force Chief Software Officer, says America is developing a solution for war with our experts dear new enemy. Chaillan took over the role in 2018, hoping to help the government implement new cyber security and cloud security measures. However, he says government responses, government negotiations, and a solution to the problem have frustrated his efforts — and that the same problems are undermining America’s ability to remain competitive.

As a result, Chaillan resigned last month, after which he resigned LinkedIn blog how he blamed the Department of Defense for its actions and hindered its progress. Soon interview and the Financial Times, Chaillan similarly said he feared for the future of his children and that Americans should be “angry” with how their country could defend itself: “We have no chance to compete with China in 15 to 20 years. he told the newspaper sadly, as well as saying that China wants to “rule the whole world.”

Chaillan, who is currently engaged in private practice, also called for “AI ethics” talks to slow US progress, and told observers that he wanted to testify in Congress in the coming weeks on the need for future security and AI development.

In his remarks, Chaillan joined a growing group of experts and international security experts who say China has established itself. to take over the world through its modern power and economic power. There is controversy over whether this is acceptable or excessively.

There seems to be some evidence on Chaillan’s claims about US insecurity – yes, American failures should be known by now. If nothing else, SolarWinds fiasco many groups of organizations that have been disrupted by foreigners suggest that America’s security needs to be better organized.

Of all the smart devices, the rivalry between the US and China speaks volumes manual competition because who can make the best killer robot in the first place — what they love seems to be making it Skynet-the future is all but inevitable. I also need to know that very happy The rivalry for these groups is currently with Google, Amazon, and other technology giants, who are creating more cars if the government can use the new AI funds.

Sure, then may be the only way America can stop China’s rise from being a bad man, ruling the world without just trying to punch them (the idea of international restrictions and the system of penalties for non-compliant countries comes to mind). If what Chaillan says is true, no one in Washington can think of answers that would be helpful, or helpful.

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