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What happens when you are bad and feel good? You can kiss your old BFF friend, as Olivia Penalva does in the new pop bop video.

There is a play from beginning to end Olivia PenalvaMa Ex. ”In his new video, the first one here HollywoodLife, Olivia takes things in stride and wants to go the extra mile. Instead, she ignores him and goes to a party where her ex-boyfriend is. Instead of giving her lunch time, Olivia is looking for someone else – an old friend of her former BFF. “Tonight, I’m kissing my best friend’s ex,” she sings to the choir, as the celebration grows. Ignoring all the red flags and signs, Olivia jumped into the boy’s car, and left the party. The election also leaves the former BFF confused to be comforted by – The plot twists! – Olivia’s ex-wife Therefore, who is kissing who now?

“Shooting the ‘Ex’ video was fun,” Olivia says HollywoodLife. “This article gives the impression of the song. From the infidelity of a close friend to the idea that intimacy can sometimes go beyond thoughts. I really enjoyed having the most active participants in my work on this movie. A lot of love was put into it, and I believe everyone loves it as much as I love myself. ”

“I’ve written ‘Ex’s’ about how fun and exciting these tests can be but in the end they can lead us to make destructive decisions that can have serious consequences. and even though I have never met it I know that many people have been there. “

Olivia released the video in July, showing how the song dances in the middle of the ordeal ”) I wish. “The team that made the video spent so many hours fulfilling everything and did a tremendous job to keep my vision alive,” the instrument wrote. “I think my favorite part is the contrast between light and pink to the dark and bright that occurs when the chorus is beaten. It is a very beautiful video and it shows my personality. ”

If there is one thing that Olivia has in common – with the stars, the captivating words, and the inescapable skill of writing – it is humanity. Since the release of the 13-year-old unmarried man, the Canadian singer has built the following at home and abroad. In 2020, his “Love Me” exploded on TikTok, combining more than 38 million views, setting up a long-term release segment. Working with some great writing skills (Nolan Sipe, Phil Barton, and Brian Howes, to name a few) to create a disc that has not just taken its toll so far: it will also help deliver songs that are meant to be for generations to come. As “Ex’s” points out, Olivia is ready to take risks and make music that shows all aspects of her. Expect more bops when the disc has dropped recently.

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