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Lance Bass and Michael Turchin are parents! Former NSYNC singers received twins, a boy and a girl, and their husbands on October 13.

Lance Bass it’s a man Michael Turchin it’s daddy! Former NSYNC singer, 42, and his 34-year-old actor have received their first child together, a group of twin boys and girls named Violet Betty and Alexander James Wednesday, October 13. Lance announced the news one day after the twins arrived on Instagram with photos of their birth certificates.

“Little animals have arrived !!” Lance wrote the seal. “I can’t describe how much I love her right now. Thank you for all your best wishes. It meant a lot. Now, how do you change diapers ??! Ahhhhhhhh! ”

The couple, who got married in 2014, announced that they are expecting twins in a good horror video that they shared on TikTok in June, revealing that the children have come this fall. The film paid homage to the horrors of the past, including Poltergeist and, obviously, Light.

An interesting addition to the Bass-Turchin family comes after a difficult journey of repetition For the couple over the past few years, one that deals with miscarriage, several IVF medications, and nine providers. The ongoing epidemic of COVID-19 also exacerbated the problem. All in all, however, Lance and Michael’s hopes have not changed.


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After discovering that their son’s baby had died in eight weeks in March, Lance told PEOPLE in May 2020 that he and Michael were not “quitting” by starting their own family. “We’ve found that it’s common,” he told the store. “We are trying not to give up. The work has been very long. ”In a special conversation with the marketplace following the exciting story they are looking forward to in June, a the couple is thinking about their trip.

“Because of the experience we had four years ago, we were very careful to have fun,” Lance said. “And it’s good because when you find out you’re pregnant, you want to celebrate with your family. You’re already preparing for their future, but we were so scared because we didn’t want to hurt them anymore by losing them.”

The singer also mentioned the decision to have twins, revealing that Michael is half of the male and female twins, which reinforced their idea of ​​going to the gym. “They just love the same thing,” Lance told the seller. “I always wanted to have twins, but we’re like, ‘Well, that’s great because now we can do one of my own, one of you.’ It was impossible! ”

Congratulations to the happy parents!

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