Randy Moss provides feedback based on Jon Gruden’s racist comments

Answer racist comments made in an email by Raiders coach Jon Gruden, Hall of Fame senior receptionist Randy Moss responded.

On “Sunday NFL Countdown,” Moss was asked by Sam Ponder if he could play football for Gruden following the email. Moss explained that his partner at the show, former backlinker Tedy Bruschi, was telling the truth about having a job to do and play football and take care of their families.

But Moss explained that while in high school, he felt that his human rights were “violated” because he was black, and he described how he felt about having an NFL coach make such derogatory remarks.

“I can now play 14 years in the National Soccer League to have a leader like that,” Moss said. “We talk about leadership. We give young men great deals because they want to lead men, coaches, staff and managers to goal 1 and to win the competition. And to go back and not advance in the 21st century. As I said, father, the National Soccer League : this hurts me.

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Following Moss’s comments, Bruschi said he could play for Gruden, but could not. He also said that “we have already done it at various times.”

“We’re all mentally challenged people in the room, but it’s something you don’t want to do,” Bruschi said.

Former president Matt Hasselbeck said he did not know how Raider was progressing in the lock from Moss’s response this Sunday, it was a fitting victory for the club.

“You have a saying that Al Davis talks about, ‘Just win, baby.’ Today in Las Vegas the slogan is, ‘You must win, baby,’ “Moss said. “To get a better look at how the team is reacting to the loss and takeover this week, coming out with a broken heart, all eyes are on Las Vegas.”

The Bears beat the Raiders 20-9 on Sunday.

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On Friday, the Wall Street Journal that Gruden wrote in an 2011 email to Bruce Allen, who was Gruden’s coaching staff for the first time with the Raiders, named DeMaurice Smith, director of the NFL Players Association, “Dumboriss Smith” and said it “has big lips” size of michellin tires (sic). “

The email offended Smith, who is Black, as well as the players for refusing to hold a deal with the club and ending the player’s ban on players.

Gruden apologized in the Wall Street Journal, describing him as “outraged” and that his lips were on the verge of lying and that he “used a vicious circle to describe it.”

“I don’t think (Smith) is speechless. I don’t think he’s a liar,” Gruden said. “I don’t have any bone in my body, and I’ve proven this for 58 years.”

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Smith explained that this was not the first racist comment he had ever heard, and said he probably would not be the last.

“This is a skin-to-skin operation for someone with dark skin, as has been the case with many people who look like I’m working in America,” Smith said. “You know people sometimes say things behind you that are racist just like you see people talking and writing about you in a few words and racism.”

“Such racism comes because I sit at the same table as they are and they don’t think anyone can be like me.”

The NFL is exploring how Gruden can help him in response to his comments.

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