Prisidio Gets $ 3.5 mln Extra Seed Helps To Change Your Storage

Prisidio, the founder of cloud storage in Chicago, has released a file of an additional $ 3.5 million in seed funding to expand its digital platform.

The fundraiser was led by Chicago Ventures with the participation of former OCA Ventures and Origin Ventures. This brings the total amount of seeds raised to $ 6.85 million. Rob Chesney, a colleague at Chicago Ventures, also spoke about participating in the company by saying:

“The global epidemic and the ongoing natural disasters have taught us the importance of unpredictable planning, and Prisidio helps to alleviate the stress that comes with the cost of finding and repairing the necessary resources. Chicago Ventures is ready to help create something that will benefit everyone at every stage of their lives. Paul because we believe he is a global businessman and he is working hard to solve a big problem in the world. ”

The initiative was launched in 2020 with the aim of changing the way people store important documents and information and share it with families and counselors. The digital platform developed by the developers provides users with a convenient and secure way to ensure that documents such as wills, mortgages, tax returns, and all other essentials are carefully stored and readily available to reliable parties at any time.

Prisidio CEO Glenn Shimkus and CMO Paul Koziarz, the two entrepreneurs with more than 50 years of joint experience in document management, believe that following the required information has been a daunting task. While this knowledge plays a vital role in the lives of millions of people, there is no answer that seems to have used modern technology to help. Shimkus said on the subject:

“Pursuing important personal information and documents is time consuming and frustrating, especially when you need to access them quickly – that’s when you can remember where to look. Prisidio transforms all of this into a central, secure way for individuals and families to store, organize, and share their most important documents so that they can support each other and plan for the future. Our platform makes it easy, for example, to take a picture of your watch or a grandmother’s necklace, and add a video explaining why the item is important to you. ”

The rise of the computer cloud is storage methods has made it easier than ever to store and access information from anywhere with the tool. However, the available answers did not provide a solution to the chances of reliable parties or to better fix what was said. Prisidio is looking to be the first to offer a practical solution to the problem, giving millions a way to prepare for the unexpected at a time when many realize they were not.

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