Opal Raises $ 1.8 mln To Allow Businesses to Manage Their Processes

Opal, a program based in San Francisco, has been protected $ 1.8 million seed support developing its operational management system.

The fund was led by Greylock with the participation of sponsors such as Expanse CEO Tim Junio, Abnormal Security CEO Evan Reiser, and Signal Science CEO Andrew Peterson. Saam Motamedi, a colleague at Greylock, explained the reasons why the company led around:

“Every business knows that it can be difficult to manage permits. Other machines refer to rebel vectors, accounting sites, and advances to ensure that professionals have the necessary opportunities. Opal is tackling these challenges with a strong team of security experts, and I hope it will be with them on their journey. ”

Established in 2019, Opal seeks to change the way businesses collect information and adopt innovative ways to better manage their digital environment. This initiative achieves this through its platform, which offers short-term residency opportunities, traffic control, increased security, and forwarding opportunities for others. Eugene Ling, Chief Customer Officer at Opal, said of the platform:

“Opal is built with the opportunity to enjoy online. Employees can create their own from Slack and owners can subscribe via Slack once in a while. Advertisers often use our CLI to request and initiate sessions.”

Companies continue to move their traditional systems to achieve them modified translation, expanding accessibility has become an additional burden for technical teams. This will not only lead to the destruction of resources that can be redistributed but also increase the likelihood of errors and omissions that could lead to disaster for the organization.

By streamlining the management of growing businesses, Opal believes it can change the way different industries work with sustainable acquisition strategies. This belief is not false, as is the case with members of groups who have worked in businesses that have experienced similar challenges, including Dropbox, Scale, Brex, Mulesoft, and Palo Alto Networks.

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