Op-Ed: Donald Trump Is Worthy Of Selling

Author John Hendrickson (The Center Square)

“From today, a new vision will rule our country. As of today, they have been the only American Americans. America for the first time. Any ideas on trade, taxation, immigration, immigration, are designed to benefit American workers and American families, “former President Donald J. Trump said in a statement. In October, the country celebrates Manufacturing Day, and the country should continue to focus on the importance of manufacturing (and mining), not only for economic and national security, but also for middle and healthy people.

President Trump surprised both parties with his First American approach to business ideas. He openly acknowledged the use of taxes, advocated “Buy American,” and often argued that the United States not only loses trade, but is often bullied because of this. The president often shows how other countries put their interests first, while the United States is more committed to following free trade ideas and interdependence.

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President Trump also discussed trade agreements such as the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which led to the United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement (USMCA), and placed iron and aluminum. President Trump’s steel mills helped save and rebuild the steel market. In addition, he was the first President to take over China.

Production has always been an important factor in this type of economy. It was the “Democracy Arsenal” that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Japanese Empire in World War II. The American power of production was what helped to make the 20th Century a “American Century.” In the same way, I am creating what helped to establish a central team. However, this began to change after World War II when the country received international cooperation and trade cooperation. Globalization has become the religion of all political parties as many worship in free trade and commerce.

As a result of international cooperation and trade cooperation, as well as China’s respect for the country, the United States began to decline sharply in production, particularly in the industrial Midwest. Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, who served as President of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), says that “current trade agreements, such as NAFTA, eliminated import duties from low-income countries, which in turn increased job losses.”

This affected all parts of the country, especially the Midwest. Ambassador Lighthizer noted that the United States has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs. Ambassador Lighthizer wrote: “This disrupted towns and contributed to family breakdown, opioid epidemics and depression.” Workers in the “blue collar” became “forgotten men” and were often told by political leaders that they should leave their territories and relocate or learn other skills such as computer programming. Since 2001, the country has “spent more than $ 12 trillion.”

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This “natural disaster” had consequences. Vendors were able to access low-cost products, but the loss of manufacturing jobs led to lower wages, greater reliance on social services, and lower economic costs in many areas. It is estimated that only 3.7 million American jobs were lost in China between 2001 and 2018.

“For decades, we have benefited foreign companies by oppressing American companies.… One by one, factories closed and left our beaches, ignoring the millions and millions of American workers left behind. The wealth of our middle class members has been stolen from their homes and then distributed around the world, “said President Trump.

The COVID-19 epidemic is a reflection of the country’s dependence not only on China, but also on other countries for basic needs such as medicines and medicines. The plague has also helped us in many sales. The United States has relied heavily on foreign powers, even potentially hostile countries such as China, for basic services. This also includes weapons related to our national security. Currently, a shortage of semiconductors exists.

“Why are semiconductor drivers so important? Because computer chips are ‘brain’ not only computers, cars, and medical devices, but also military weapons that support the American military. Relying on imported computer equipment puts American security at risk for the global market, ”said Michael Stumo, CEO of Coalition for Prosperous America.

“Isn’t that what is happening now that we have made a big mistake when we gave our economic freedom to depend on the needs of countries that did not like America at all,” asked journalist Patrick J. Buchanan?

Meanwhile, the United States continues to shrink its trade deficit and President Joe Biden is being pressured to change some of Trump Trump’s other business practices, particularly taxes. From now on, the Biden Administration seems to be abandoning prices in China and maintaining iron and aluminum. However, parties are growing in both parties to not only end their taxes, but also to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which President Trump has barred from entering the country.

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Opponents of President Trump’s trade policy say they are not only punishing America, but also that it has started a trade war. Proponents of globalization and free trade fail to recognize that China and other countries have already begun to exploit the United States. Whether it is wasteful spending, markets full of water and cheap goods, or their state-of-the-art industrial system, China has taken advantage of the United States. In addition, China is politically active by running sabers and building its own military base. China is working to become more dominant.

“Global trade has failed in America over the past three decades,” Ambassador Lighthizer wrote in The Economist. In the past, the Republican Party, led by Alexander Hamilton, saw taxes as a tool to protect the American market and protect workers. President Trump is telling the truth on trade, and it will take time for trade to change, but in the end, it will strengthen our economy and make a strong middle ground.

John Hendrickson is the Executive Director of the Tax Education Foundation in Iowa.

Included with permission from Middle Line.

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