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Nicki Minaj defended Jesy Nelson in a hot Instagram video on Monday, defending a former Little Mix member on murder charges.

Nicki Minaj, 38, defending Jesy Nelson, 30, after releasing his video “Boyz.” The program of Pink Friday The rapper appeared in the video, which provoked outrage in the media from users who claim Jesy is “fishing” – changing her appearance to appear black or racist. Following the show, Nicki came to the forefront Small Mix Member security on Instagram Live, I call on Jesy who was a public friend, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 30, after criticizing Jesy on visual images.

Nicki cited DM claims allegedly sent by Leigh-Anne who accused Jesy of blocking members of Little Mix via IG Live Monday, October 11,. “As soon as people pick up the bag, they seem to want to stop your wallet,” Nicki said in the video. “I would have been flirting with you for 10 years and there was something wrong with you… and then as soon as we left I felt like I was texting. [about] you … immediately the man should be wearing a big red nose and shoes. ”

The “Starships” rapper continued to address the issue of fishing, saying, “There are a lot of women out here in the United States who are crazy, have big lips, make themselves all kinds of people. I wear them. hair straight down to my feet, contacts, anything… As long as you are not harming anyone or slandering anyone else you should wear whatever you want. ”

Nicki later went on to cast a spell on those who “try to destroy everyone,” saying, “make her happy this time,” referring to Jesy. “Print text messages out, buses that open and push your mom ***** ga * s!” he shouted, repeating what Leigh-Anne had said. “If you want a job for a baby girl keep saying. You don’t have to attack someone, if that’s how you feel, why [was] just hanging out with him for 10 years? ”It screams insecurity, screaming that you are jealous. And now it looks like a huge jealous bozo. ”

Jesy Nelson. (Featureflash Photo Agency)

Jesy thanked Nicki for her self-defense, saying it was not her intention to “offend the people” with the song and its style. “I just want to celebrate that time, music because that’s what I love,” he explained. “The truth it hurts so much to possibly offend people and offend people by simply enjoying what I love. ”

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