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Neymar believes the next World Cup will be the last in Brazil, as he does not know if he can “endure” another.

The comments of the 29-year-old player were recorded Neymar & The Line Of Kings, made up DAZN. The summary was published on Twitter TV on Sunday.

“I think (2022) will be my last World Cup,” said Neymar. “I’m facing it as a final World Cup because I don’t know if I can handle the ball.”

“I will do my best to get there safely. I will do everything I can to win my country and achieve my dream, the biggest dream since I was a child.”

Neymar played in Brazil’s 0-0 draw with Colombia on Sunday in a World Cup qualifier. Brazil leads the 10-team tournament with 28 points after 10 games. Neymar missed out on a 3-1 win last week in Venezuela due to suspension.

Brazil beat Venezuela in a World Cup qualifier last week, with Neymar absent

Brazilian manager Tite was asked about how Neymar played below, which included 17 missed and 30 losses.

“He’s a special player because he makes a special game, he does very well and not in many ways,” he said. “He’s a special player, we know. And he’s also well known, sometimes with two players.”

The Barranquilla match marked Neymar’s first game since a 2-0 win over Peru on September 10, when he did well in Brazil with a goal-scoring prowess. Despite his best efforts, Neymar showed the game after he was frustrated with the help he received at home.

“I don’t know anything I have to do with these shirts to get people to respect Neymar,” he said.

Local journalists criticized the player for being out of touch with the 1-0 win over Chile in early September, prompting the player to walk around naked in training to show his resilience.

Against Peru, Neymar defeated Romario as Brazil’s all-time leading scorer in the World Cup Qualifiers, with 12 goals. He is also close to Pele’s record of 77 goals for Brazil. Paris Saint-Germain striker has hit six times in Brazil.

Neymar has played so far in two World Cups. In 2014, he suffered a back injury in the final against Colombia, which prevented him from playing in the final 7-1 final against Germany.

In the most recent game, Neymar had just returned from a serious foot injury and did not perform well in Brazil’s 2-1 final in Belgium. He left Russia in 2018 after being widely criticized for what he considered to be an exaggeration.

Neymar won the 2013 Confederations Cup with Brazil, and also won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was injured ahead of the 2019 Copa America, which Brazil won at home.

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