New Jersey Governor Arrested at Home for Handing Student Masks

Apparently every week, Democrats catch him violating the COVID principles he wants to impose on other people.

In this case, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

Murphy ordered children’s masks at school, but was spotted recently at a home party and thought… No mask!

City room reports:

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COVID’s Big Deception: NJ Governor Appears to Have No Leaves on Home Football After Giving Student Masks

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) was found unconcerned in indoor football, weeks after a law was passed to distribute school supplies.

The Equality Ball, an annual fundraiser for Garden State Equality, a non-profit LGBTQ + group, took place on Thursday, when Murphy, New Jersey Education Association leaders and other officials were arrested without a mask.

State Senator Holly Schepisi said the senseless incident was a fraud “that is driving New Jersey people crazy.”

“As soon as the ambassador issued another EO ordering two-year-olds to wear masks for more than 7 hours a day for so-called” security, “New Jersey ‘ , Bergen and Hudson Counties, “Schepisi told Fox News in a statement.

See below:

Why can’t more Democrats follow their rules?

The cross was sent from American Supervisors.

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