Nawazuddin points out that racism is more common in movies than in racism

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has introduced himself as a post-film actor. He’s a name today and his videos and online videos make a lot of noise before they are released. The player is completely outsider and reached the top. Recently, he also pointed out that in addition to discrimination, there is another problem facing the business.

Nawazuddin was spotted among the Mature Men of Sudhir Mishra when he re-elected other EMMY countries. The actress made the remarks on the entertainment board, where she expressed her desire for Indira Tiwari who is her partner for Serious Men to play another role soon. He went on to say that there was racism in the market. He also said that when Sudhir Mishra selected Indira for his talent, posters and filmmakers prefer a different style as they take on potential members. He says, “Going beyond racism, we have a problem with racism.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The actor then claimed to have done this himself. He says that at first he did not get many responsibilities because of his small size and appearance. However, he acknowledged that today there would be no grievances, but there were some who were elected because of the elections and lost important work. It seems that Nawazuddin has a point to make.

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