Moderates, Mainstream Media With Their Heads in Sand When the GOP Attack in America

For the better part of the American people, following the Republican Party led by Trump and the right-wing journalists, the abandonment of reality should be made clear to many who do not live in America’s larger hair.

Rejection of reality in order to be in nature on more and more things and it is more and more clear and understandable. It is not enough, for example, for those who do not believe that the COVID vaccine is effective in preventing the vaccine, they should prevent others from receiving it (mostly “personal freedom”!), As we are seen by anti-vaxxers not only against but also against. disruption vaccination sites and, most dangerously, recently a A Maryland man shooting and killing his drug brother who gives him the vaccine, believing his brother kills people in this way.

And we know that this kind of refusal, or serious isolation, is being promoted within US Congress halls and legislatures around the country. The DRM Republicans, with the exception of (possibly) Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, have denied any wrongdoing in the January 6 Capitol last week as a matter of urgency. For them it was a fun, unusual picnic – what if some cops were killed, if the protesters threatened to kill Nancy Pelosi and hang Mike Pence!

It amazed me, this week to see how the rejection of the threat posed by Republicans to American democracy and freedom spread in the media, as we have seen alive, growing like weeds, among meek Democrats like Joe Manchin.

Obviously, I should no longer be surprised. This is my problem, and my way of denying myself is the amount of dangerous things I have to deal with. I’ll find a doctor.

But here’s what I say:

I look public discussion on a recent Facebook post that has been opened with the whistle-blowing release of Frances Haugen releasing internal company reports Morning Joe last week. Jonathan Swan, a political correspondent at Axios, said the chances of the fraud could lead Congress to implement any type of Facebook policy were not real. He also suggested that Republicans, according to history, could re-establish the House of Representatives in the by-elections, and have no interest in tackling lies and hate speech on television. Not only do they benefit, but these laws are the ones that constantly criticize them, such as banning those who do not want to change things.

What hurt me was the way Susan Page, Chief of the Bureau of Washington for USA Today, he spent his time “disagreeing politely” with Swan. He also said the reason why Congress is delaying regulating companies like Facebook is because the problems are complex and lawmakers do not understand how the platforms and algorithms work. And then he he waited that,

. . . the issue of making young girls feel sorry for themselves, even suicidal thoughts is something that Republicans and Democrats would agree with. It makes sense and gives you the opportunity to explore in depth what the government should be doing to improve Facebook.

The page denies the reality that we have been in the last four years is amazing.

Haven’t you heard a tape of Donald Trump talking proudly about touching women’s genitals? Didn’t see the Republican lawmakers in Texas especially the ship’s Roe v. Wade, depriving women of their free will?

We need to ask a well-known question Page requests:

And where did they get the idea that Republicans would care that the media company is making young girls feel sorry for themselves?

Have we seen a summary or personality from congressional Republicans?

Does the Page think that Republicans would agree that a brutal revolt against a democratically elected government should not be tolerated?

What is worrying here is that the strong voice in the leadership of the major media outlet is largely neglected, unrecognized or rejected, threatening Republicans not only democracy in America, but human rights and freedoms.

Yes, Page is not the only one.

His character is no different from, say, Joe Manchin, who continues to pressure Democrats to take sides, not realizing that Republicans are not interested in cooperating with Democrats in any attempt, even if they agree with them. He or she will not agree to raise the debt to pay off the debts he or she is managing. He would not even admit to having an argument about whether there would be an investigation into the January 6 scandal at the Capitol. He declined to comment on whether Russia should participate in the 2016 election.

And Manchin, like other self-proclaimed Democrats, is showing his commitment to, in fact, when it comes to his refusal to repay $ 3.5 trillion in aid, which will help climate change, support families especially women caring for children, and provide support for Americans in need of education. high, among other elements of the bill. He claims that the money is “extravagant” in spending, even though it pays its bills in full and ultimately pays taxes on the richest among us, including billions of high-income corporations but in the past did not pay taxes. And they call it “excessive,” denying hundreds of billions of dollars without responding to climate change and cost not just in the short term but also in the near future.

And as Americans are deprived of their constitutional rights, including their right to vote, nationwide, Manchins and other independent democracies adhere to the filibuster, a law enacted that is not enshrined in law but a tool used to further end civil liberties.

Republicans are dangerous, yes. But the superintendents and the journalists who support and follow them, are becoming unconcerned, and dangerous, if not dangerous.

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