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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly spoke to ‘GQ’ about their ‘very strong relationship,’ which, according to the couple, has ‘great joy’.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun KellyTheir love may look good on the outside, but on the two questions a Autumn / Winter 2021 yes In Britain GQ, admits that their relationship is good. “This is a very strong relationship,” Megan, 35, told the media, after sharing that her relationship with MGK, 31, is “very exciting.” The program of Updates artist He added, “Our souls chose this to look at our shadows; to deal with the things about us that we did not want to know, which we are trying to deny.”

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly on ‘GQ’ cover in October 2021 (Photo: Daniella Midenge)

MGK, who started a relationship Megan in early 2020, described more of the flaws that occur in the relationship between the two. “It should be light, and we go to hell with each other,” MGK told an October 11 interview. with us last Saturday. ”Megan agreed beautiful rock rockThoughts about their love for each other GQ, “There is also the role of demons.”

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly on ‘GQ’ cover in October 2021 (Photo: Daniella Midenge)

Megan took off everything but a black dress and shorts inside the section GQ shooting. The program of astrologer sat on a black bed while carrying a gun to MGK, who was wearing a thick black jacket, leather pants and shoes. The program of Singer “Valentine’s Blood” he also had a cigarette in his mouth, and a piece of his nail was slightly visible on his chest.

In many professional photos, Megan wore a gold minidress. He amazing black hair he walks a little while interrogating MGK, who this time, was naked to show fans on his tattoos. The family packed with plenty of PDA of photoshoot, which is a great option for both of them.

Megan Fox & MGK
Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly on ‘GQ’ cover in October 2021 (Photo: Daniella Midenge)

Elsewhere in the interview, Megan and MGK thought about how much they liked the video team Midnight In The switchgrass early last year. “It was obvious from the second how it would be, but we didn’t agree immediately,” Megan recalled the relationship. The players later added, “I was open [to] love, but I never expected to get to my friend like that. I was obvious the way I live, and the paths were lined up, and the doors were opened. It was [as if] all the obstacles that separated us all these years [had been removed] and we were able to pass each other. ”

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