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Ron Howard is the proud father of Bryce Dallas, Paige, Reed, and Jocelyn. Here are all the important things to know about the four children of the director and his wife Cheryl.

Ron Howard became famous as a young player in the 1960s because of his position Andy Griffith’s show and Happy Days, in turn, before filming. The director and producer, 67, began directing movies like Beautiful Ideas and Snow/Nixon, carrying several Academy Awards wins along the way.

While much is known about his work, little is known about his family. To begin with, he was the father of the artist nominated by the Golden Globe Bryce Dallas Howard. Ron shares Bryce, 40, with his ex-wife Cheryl Howard, with whom she has been married since 1975. They share three other children together: Bango, 34, and twins Paige and Jocelyn, all 36.

Much is known about his eldest son Bryce, but it may not be said of Ron’s three oldest children. Below you will find out more about the director’s children.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Ron Howard and daughter Bryce Dallas (Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

Bryce Dallas Howard, who is not Jessica Chastain, and Ron and Cheryl’s first child. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, here’s a brief look: born in March 1981 in Los Angeles, Bryce is a popular actor and director, who starred in films like Help, Rocketman, and Jurassic State permission. Recently, he started directing, working in a few Disney + divisions Destroyer. The star is married to a player Seti Gabel; together, they share the children Beatrice Jean, 9, and Theodore Norman, 14.

I’m talking to a movie critic Peter Travers for Jurassic State in 2015, Bryce revealed a little secret about him (and his siblings) names: Ron gave each of his children middle names based on his or her birthplace. In Bryce’s case, an artist nominated by the Golden Globe was produced in Dallas, Texas. “The law was everywhere we were born,” Bryce told critics of the film, with a laugh. It’s so disgusting! For her twin brothers Paige and Jocelyn, it was the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, which brings us to the next group of Howard’s children…

Paige Howard

paige howard and ron howard
Ron Howard and daughter Paige (Evan Agostini / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Paige – middle name Carlyle – Howard is half of Ron and Cheryl’s twin children. Born in February 1985 in Los Angeles, Paige follows in the footsteps of her famous father and older sister as an actress. The NYC Tisch School Of The Arts alum appeared in films like Interesting and Employer, and TV shows Medium, Arrested Growth, stalkTALK, and Astronauts. Paige is dating Tim Abou-Nasr, singer and singer. The two have been together for about three years. In an Instagram post from May 2020, Paige revealed their marriage he had been suspended for the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic – but did not appear to be serious, he wrote that he was “grateful” for his girlfriend.

“Tim and I have a lot of imagination and we have a lot of energy to plan our wedding, and although we had to procrastinate, it made us think – what if we used the same energy to prepare for our wedding as we do for our wedding day! ”Paige is pictured here. “We are so excited to be alone together, to have another year of commitment to look forward to, and above all – to have so many amazing people in our hands-on lives!”

Jocelyn Howard

ron Howard and his children
Ron Howard and wife Cheryl and Jocelyn, Bryce Dallas, Reed, and Paige (Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock)

Jocelyn Carlyle Howard is Paige’s sister. Born in February 1985 in Los Angeles as her sister, little is known about Jocelyn because, unlike her famous father and siblings, she has no job in Hollywood. On his IMDb page, he appeared in one of the articles Improved Growth in 2018. However, he appeared in a small group with his family, including at his father’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in December 2015, as seen in the family above. The director was awarded his second star to honor his directing role.

Jocelyn doesn’t look like a deep TV show like her siblings, but Ron shared a missing photo of himself alongside Paige on Instagram in September 2019 starting a football match over the weekend. “Visiting with my twin kids is the most beautiful smart boys @paigecarlylehoward and Jocelyn one of our grandparents games this week,” he wrote. “She is always teasing me and smiling at me. He also gives me pride. ”

Reed Howard

ron howard and reed howard
Ron Howard and son Reed (SplashNews)

In the end, Reed Cross Howard is the only son of Ron and Cheryl. Born in April 1987 in Los Angeles, Reed is a golfer and YouTuber, sharing golf-related videos on his radio station. Reed Howard Golf. Regarding his middle name and where he was born, Bryce told Peter in his 2015 questions that Cross refers to the London street where the Howard family lives. (As he jokingly explained, “This was our street where our house was. My dad used to make this joke, ‘I didn’t want to call him a Volvo phone!’ No, stop!”) Reed and his wife Ashley you shall have one daughter, Encourage Leigh.

The golfer’s Instagram is full of golf and exercise, as well as cool photos and videos of his daughter Aspen. And Ron is a proud father and grandfather. On Reed’s first Father’s Day in 2019, the The director shared a photo of her son feeding her daughter a bottle of milk and writing sweet words. “Happy first #FathersDay @reedchoward.” Ron was mentioned. “Good job, son. I am proud of #Mother and #Gradad today and every day. ”

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