‘Madden 22’ will replace Jon Gruden with a natural look, EA Sports has announced

Jon Gruden’s term as Raiders coach expired Monday. He quit his job when there was a spate of emails in seven years it contained racism, homosexuality, and homosexuality within them.

Gruden’s fall has been rapid. He was removed from the Buccaneers’ honorable ring earlier in the week. Now, he’s being downloaded by EA Sports’ “Madden NFL 22”.

JON GRUDEN ANASIYA: Describing the emails that prompted him to leave the Raiders

EA Games he announced in his own words to replace Gruden with “natural form” in the coming weeks.

EA Sports is committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion and fairness. As a result of Jon Gruden’s resignation, we are taking part in his dismissal from Madden NFL 22. We will turn him into a replacement for him in the coming weeks.

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Gruden’s dismissal makes him one of two coaches with a similar appearance in Madden’s franchise. The other is Bill Belichick, though his presence is for another reason.

EA Sports has a partnership with the NFL Coaches Association that allows them to use the name and form of NFL senior coaches in their games. Belichick is not a member of the club, which is why EA Sports does not have a license to join him there. Instead he uses an ordinary man named “Griffin Murphy” as a teacher.

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This may explain why EA Sports does not replace Gruden, Heavy Bisaccia. He may not have permission to put him on the game and he may be too late to receive it, as the game was released about two months ago.

So even though Bisaccia can teach real Raiders, it doesn’t seem like they will do that in Madden. But Gruden will not be alone as he continues to face the consequences of his actions.

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