Lincoln’s work Reveals False Billionaire Campaign For Humanitarian Aid In New Pennsylvania Ad

Lincoln’s work exposed a false campaign carried out by billionaire winger Jeff Yass in Pennsylvania.

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The Lincoln Project stated in a statement issued by PoliticusUSA:

The Lincoln Project has released a new report highlighting the efforts of Jeff Yass’s right-wing billionaire to test our elections, relying on the secret page of political committees that deceived Pennsylvanian voters.

Jeff Yass is spending millions of dollars on communications to spread lies about our democracy. Lincoln’s work does not stand in the way of right-wingers sowing doubts in our democracy. Yass and those involved in politics should feel informed.

Billionaires with right wings see the Big Lie as a good opportunity to vote and gain more power. People like Yass do not believe that the election was rigged or that there is anything wrong with the voting system, but they are wasting millions of dollars by spreading lies about the electoral system and shortening the democratic process to benefit them.

AT Attorney General Josh Shapiro is due to investigate this attack on democracy.

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