Lendflow Saves $ 10.8 mln In Fintech Investment Growth List

Lendflow, a startup program from Austin, has upgraded $ 10.8 Million in Series A funds allow each organization to be a fintech company.

The circular fund, led by Underscore VC, brings in total revenues exceeding $ 13 million. Unrelated Ventures, Y Combinator, 2048 Ventures, Knoll Ventures, I2BF, Hack VC, and Navitas Capital also participated in the rounds. Chris Gardner, a colleague at Underscore VC, commented on the company’s participation:

“Successful teams that focus on professional sites are exciting for us because they are fast moving and growing steadily. That’s why we are excited to support the team at Lendflow. They understand their customers so well, and have the knowledge and experience to use the communication system These companies are able to build relationships to strengthen their relationships with their customers, and to provide services that need to be sent to banks that do not know the companies in order to be successful. ”

Lendflow was set up in 2019 to allow companies to set up their own business, and allow them to operate as a fintech company using a clean starting solution. From there, straightforward SaaS companies are able to create financial products that can later be delivered to small and medium enterprises by providing support and partnerships. Jon Fry, CEO at Lendflow, commented on the approach:

“The idea of ​​borrowing is not new; Rental services on the market have been available for some time, but historically, it took a very long time for a seller or agent to become a lender. We have created a platform where software companies can quickly create revenue streams that resonate with their audiences. This promotes greater user interaction, increases revenue for each user, and reduces churn. We are excited to be partnering with our new partners, including Underscore VC, as they are very committed to SaaS, and additional expertise will be even more important as we move into the next phase of growth. ”

It is a file of fintech companies continue to evolve and grow as millions of people and organizations around the world continue to move away from financial traditions, giving companies the opportunity to support themselves in the process of becoming game changers. Lendflow believes that providing such opportunities can improve skills by unlocking financial opportunities.

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