Kyrie Irving explains the vaccine well while the Brooklyn Nets offer hope

Kyrie Irving will be fired after Brooklyn Nets re-opted for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Previous reports have indicated that Irving would only play in street games, according to New York City guidelines, meaning he would not be available for 41 home games in the regular season, however, Nets GM Sean Marks today confirmed in a statement that Irving will not be able to play or participate in the team until he has been “fully qualified to participate fully.”

“Based on how things have changed and after careful consideration, we have decided that Kyrie Irving will not play or participate in the team until he is eligible to participate.

“Kyrie has made a decision, and we respect her right to vote. At the moment the election does not allow her to become a full-time member of the group, and we will not allow any member of our team to participate.”

According to a report from Shams Charania Game, Irving, who has never been with the group before the season, argues not only about vaccination, but also the whole meaning of existing labor, and the source that “Kyrie wants to be the voice of the dumb.”

Several authors who are familiar with Irving’s theory tell The Athletic that Irving is not anti-vaccine and his opinion is that he is disappointed that people are losing their jobs because of vaccine activities. It’s an idea that Irving has expressed to shut down players. For him, this is about a bigger war than the one in court and Irving is challenging the view of social justice and human life, according to sources familiar with Irving. It is a decision they believe they can make because of what they are doing here.

What does this mean for the network?

Under New York City regulations, players on the Knicks and Nets who do not have a COVID-19 vaccine are not allowed to enter their cultural and sports fields.

Last week, the Brooklyn gymnasium was confirmed as a secret location by the city, meaning Irving could participate in the team, however, the Nets announcement today has put the ball in Irving’s court.

Conflicts between the agency and one of the star players have sparked speculation about his future in Brooklyn. With rumors circulating, Irving, could leave the final year of his contract and be free next season, meaning the parties are reluctant to offer more in the deal.

On top of that, Marc Stein has said recently that Irving could consider retirement if he was sold by another company. After he and Durant joined the free agency, moving Irving would be difficult to achieve, with no idea of ​​getting there early the following week next week.

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