JuJu Smith-Schuster out of season: What does this mean for the Steelers’ WR chart in depth?

After being sidelined with a hamstring injury in Sunday’s game against the Broncos, Steelers senior receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster will miss the rest of the season after being sidelined for a game-off.

According to the study, Smith-Schuster’s shoulder was found to have been moved, which could lead to tears. They will receive shoulder surgery, on Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Now, the already struggling team of Steelers needs to look at its depths to meet the Smith-Schuster differences. This hole can be long, too, because the Smith-Schuster will be free after this season.

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Smith-Schuster was about to leave the Steelers in a period of inactivity as a free agent. He ended up choosing to stay with his team when he signed a one-year contract, $ 8 million, although it was not the only money he was offered. He had hoped to grow this season with the Steelers. But, as his season is now over, he finishes the 2021 season with one touchdown, grabbing 15 and 129 yards in five games.

The future of the Smith-Schuster on Steelers is unknown, and it should remain until this season.

The Steelers are now two receivers after James Washington missed Sunday’s game with a stomach injury. His return is unknown at this time.

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The other two starters are Diontae Johnson (305 yards) and Chase Claypool (341 yards). Johnson missed the Week 3 game against the Bengals due to a knee injury. Claypool missed the Week 4 game against the Packers due to a cloud injury. He returned to winning the Week 5 with 130 yards in the field, especially this season.

With the most in-depth reception chart so far this season, the Steelers could face a major setback for Smith-Schuster. The two recipients on the bench are Ray-Ray McCloud and Cody White. McCloud played three weeks ago due to all injuries, which only resulted in 36 receiving yards. He is expected to replace Smith-Schuster.

As a rookie, White played just two games in the NFL, picking up 17 yards in the Steelers’ loss of the Bengals in Week 3. White was promoted from the test team in both games, and eventually signed a 53-man squad before Sunday’s game against the Broncos. The time worked well for the Steelers.

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If Washington is out for 6 weeks against the Seahawks, White could take his place.

Regardless of who is starting to receive all of the Steelers, this is a responsibility Mike Tomlin and his team should look to the 2022 NFL Draft, especially if they do not give Smith-Schuster another contract.

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