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Joe Biden and Jill Biden were dressed in white at the White House with their beautiful granddaughter Naomi at a Cuffe Biden Owens wedding in Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden, 78, and Jill Biden, 70, spent their day in Columbus married of his nephew Cuffe Biden Owens, 42, and his new bride Meghan King, 37, in Kennett Square, PA and returned to the White House shortly after celebrating with their granddaughter Naomi, 27. U.S. president and first self-portrait pose in Washington DC with their teenage daughter Hunter Biden, 51, and his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle Biden, 51, before passing all in the South Lawn of the White House wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

Naomi Biden talks to her grandparents, Jill and Joe Biden, as they return to the White House after attending the wedding of Cuffe Owens and Meghan King. (Closing)

Joe was wearing a navy blue striped suit with black stripes and black shoes while Jill looked gorgeous wearing a bright green dress with yellow and green heels and yellow heels. Naomi was very pretty wearing a black sleeveless dress and white heels while she was carrying a purse walking sideways and chatting with her grandmother.

Joe Biden, Naomi Biden, Jill Biden
Joe Biden, Naomi Biden, and Jill Biden all smile. (Shutterstock)

Family reunions come after Cuffe exchanged promises with Meghan, a former Real Mothers in Orange County cast member, home of Cuffe’s mother Valerie Owens, who is Joe’s sister. The love birds had a “simple and easy party” without “great fun, very unimaginable, [and] there is no drama, ”according to MARRIAGE magazine. Meghan shared a beautiful wedding photo of herself and Cuffe on Instagram, which can be seen below, shortly after with the caption, “We just know. We introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Owens. ”

Cuffe and Meghan’s wedding took place two weeks after they revealed that they were dating on Instagram. The following shared them interesting picture of the two I inform his followers by head. “To try as hard as I can to avoid any kind words like ‘My big squeeze’… just talk to my man. ❤️, “he wrote beside the photo.

While all eyes may be on Cuffe’s big day right now, Biden isn’t the only one walking down the street. Naomi too she announced about her boyfriend to her boyfriend Peter Neal on Instagram on Sept. 4. She showed him a picture of the couple sitting outside as he raised his hand to show her a reliable ring. “Forever,” he wrote with a sincere heart in the caption.

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