Joe Biden’s Assets: Gas, Rising Food Prices, SNAFU’s Supply Chain, and Near ‘Stagflation’

Bill Clinton’s former friend James Carville said, “It’s ridiculous!” Right now, that’s it Joe Biden’s fortune, and things are not looking good.

According to Fox Business, consumer prices have skyrocketed over the past 13 years.

Consumer prices rose from September 2020 to last month by 5.4%, and September prices rose by 0.4%.

If these numbers seem a lot smaller than you are experiencing, it is not surprising.

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Paying More for Americans’ Lives

The cost of living for Americans is rising on Joe Biden’s economy. Cost of filling up 1.3% in September, and up a risk of 24.8% last year.

A trip to the grocery store will not make everyone feel comfortable.

Food prices have risen by 0.9% and up 4.6% year-on-year. Meat, poultry, fish, and eggs were up 10.5%, and the cow was up 17.6%.

The Guardian says almost 40% of households in the US meet major economic hardships including attempts to pay for medical care and food.

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Biden (Grinch) Who Keeps Christmas

The new problem is already exacerbating lazy economy, and that’s the sales news. U.S. ports are in short supply with trains waiting to be unloaded and relocated.

When asked about a resort in the United States, a White House official told Reuters, “There will be things that people can’t find.”

70’s Economic Mistakes

Wall Street anxiety seems to be a threat going back to the 1970s the economic downturn and the high cost of living, known as the “economic downturn.”

Politically, the continuation of the economic crisis can be documented a big problem for Joe Biden and Democrats. A new Reuters / Ipsos poll shows that the economy continues to be a source of frustration for Republicans and Democrats.

Quinnipiac’s investigation since last week is also bad news for Biden. It showed only 29% of people think the economy is “good” or “good”. The figure was at 35% in April.

Seth Weathers, a Republican opposition analyst who ran Donald Trump’s campaign in Georgia, described the potential impact around the country,. He is the overseer. ”

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